Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In Full Control (Of Denial)

It's become increasingly obvious Finn & Belle know much more about raising themselves versus what Mommy knows. For example, vegetables not shaped like fries (especially of the green variety) simply were never meant for human consumption, but for canine nutrition. Nap times are for babies, old people or those bored with their day.  Using a toilet is extremely inefficient when a diaper does all the work for you AND let's you keep playing with your toys (double win)!

After weeks of whining about, well everything--and that was just me, imagine what the twins sounded like; I finally decided maybe these kids do know best. So, today Finn & Belle ate a two hour breakfast consisting of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, organic gummy bunnies, a bowl of fruit and some cereal with milk. For nap time they played quietly in each other's beds (oh, did we mention they're in toddler beds now?) for one hour before standing by the door, banging loudly, while trying to figure out how to turn the door's knob.

Finally, I let them watch some TV while I made dinner. This, folks, is apparently the appropriate nap time and venue. Hang in there kids, Mommy will get the hang of this parenting gig--some day.