Tuesday, January 27, 2009


While looking in the mirror recently, I noticed the development of side-burns.  I've never had facial hair, in fact I've typically been a very finely haired person.  If this keeps up I could play the female pregnant version to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in the upcoming X-Men Origins movie.

Obviously this is pregnancy-related (please be pregnancy-related).  Apparently an increase in hormones called 'androgens' are the culprit for the peachy fuzz developing along the sides of my face.  I don't think it's too noticeable, or rather, my husband is kind enough not to point out this new development.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

1 Down, 194 More To Go!

Dave took a business trip to China recently and asked me what gift I wanted brought back (tough question, isn't that just like shopping at Walmart).  After some careful thought, we decided to buy Wiz and Nug stuffed animals indicative of the Chinese culture.  

Since 2009 is the Year of the Ox and thus the Chinese birth symbol for Wiz and Nug, Dave went hunting for a stuffed ox (i.e. cow).  He is so proud of this little stuffed cow (I do believe this is the first official purchase he made on his own for the babies. . . sigh).  He also purchased a stuffed Panda!  

Now this is probably not the most original nursery idea; but it's more meaningful to us and hopefully the twins.  Our goal now is to collect unique stuffed animals from all over the world so we can tell Wiz and Nug where they came from and why each one is special. 
Ideally we want a collection from places we, or our loved ones, live or have visited.  I'll try and refrain from purchasing that really cool Owl made in Africa featured on GMA yesterday (since I've never been to Africa).

1 country down, only 194 more to go!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Like Magic!

Here's a 14 weeks belly shot.  I'm looking nicely pregnant right now, I shiver to think what I'll look like at 30 weeks!  This thought really didn't hit home until someone recently said 'Wow, you look really pregnant right now, you're going to get HUGE".

In other news, it snowed yesterday!  We got about 2 inches in the morning, all of which melted by the afternoon.  I've now got my snow fix, am ready for spring.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hitting The Mother Load (wait, make that) Lode

I spent last week in Austin, TX visiting my dear friend Shannon while Dave was on business in China. Let's just say I was spoiled rotten! She called various maternity stores asking if they sold Tall pants (she obviously reads this blog), purchased a ton of water and fruit for me to consume, and refused to let me lift heavy things or do anything strenuous (felt like a princess).

While in TX we did some registry shopping (the right left corner of BabiesRUS scares me . . . nipple shields, breast pumps, etc.), thankfully Shannon helped guide me through those aisles. She also pulled down all her old maternity clothes, baby gear and baby boy clothing for me to rummage through (there we are surrounded by everything I shipped back to NC).

I totally scored in the hand-me-down department! Baby Wiz is already set with a full 0 - 3 month wardrobe. Trust me, it felt wonderful to know at least one of the babies will wear something other than a diaper.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes Virginia, Babies Pee & Sometimes Poop Inside Mommy's Tummy

I was probably better off not knowing this little fact about pregnancy: babies do pee and possibly poop inside the womb. However, curiosity got the best of me and I did what all good 21st century women do and 'googled' the subject. Here's what I found (the information came from a newspaper/online columnist):

The peeing is a good thing, it's natural and fetal urine is not like post birth urine. It starts late in the first trimester (so that's why I'm starting to show more . . . ). Though I could have lived a 1000 lifetimes not knowing that my babies are swallowing the stuff (but then so did I--and you, dear reader, most likely did too).

Apparently during the second trimester baby's urine is an important part of the amniotic fluid composition. Interesting side note, by the time the babies are ready to come out each should be passing a liter a day of 'urine'.

As for the poop, it is not common (or good) for a baby to start pooping into the womb. This condition even has its own official medical-ese name. It's called meconium and typically only affects babies that are postterm.

It's unclear why I decided to write this post right before lunch . . .

PS - I just got back from spending a wonderful week in Austin, TX with my best girl Shannon. I'll start posting regularly again.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mistaken, Mistaken Identities

Yesterday I spent time searching the web for cool boy names to give Baby Wizard a chance at a decent life.  I made a list and emailed it to Dave.  When he got home I waited patiently for him to bring up his top choices.  

By bedtime I grew tired of waiting and asked him about the email.  He claimed not getting it, (and since I'm perfect and never make mistakes) I told him he was wrong and needed to recheck his inbox.  

Then something dawned on me . . . what if I didn't actually send this email to Dave but to someone else by accident (like his identical twin brother, Dan).  I ran to the computer and looked at my emails . . . yup, I accidentally sent it to Dan.

Apparently I wrote a very simple and generic message never saying 'Dear Dave' (and thankfully not saying 'I love you, honey' etc.).  So Dan started looking through the names and picked out his 'top five' like the email requested.  Anyway, Dave called him, they laughed at my expense and Dan weighed in on what was suppose to be a private 'mommy/daddy' conversation.  

In my defense, I wasn't the only one to mistake Dave and Dan yesterday.  Both boys are having outpatient surgery later this month at the same location (different procedures).  A nurse called Dave yesterday trying to confirm Dan's surgery date.  So, HA!  I wasn't the only one.  It's tough sometimes being married to an identical twin (that's why I so want Baby Nugget to be a little girl, even if both babies are fraternal).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

13 Weeks Update

Weight:  +10 lbs.
Fitness:  Joined the gym last week to walk the treadmill for 30 mins. every day
Emotional Outbursts:  approx. 20 (got teary eyed while watching Ellen)

We got to see the babies yesterday!!  We've been calling them Wizard and Nugget for a while.  This ultrasound was part of a series of pre-screening tests to look for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 18, and Open Neural Tube defects.  

This was not an anatomy ultrasound (those are scheduled for 16 - 20 weeks).  But we asked the technician if she could do a quick scan of their nether-regions anyway.  She willingly obliged.  It looks like Baby Wizard has an 80% chance of being a boy and Baby Nugget has a 60% chance of being a girl!!  We are so thrilled with this news!  Of course we can't wait to get a better percentage on Baby Nugget!

Here's some pics from the visit:

Here's Baby Wizard.  He was kicking on the monitor.  Look at those lips!

Here's Baby Nugget.  She's got her hand up by her forehead (very Scarlett O'Hara), but it's hard to see that in this picture.

Here's the wiener check on Baby Wizard.

Here's the uncertain view of Baby Nugget's area.  The technician said three white lines between the legs usually mean a girl.  We saw three white lines on the monitor.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh GAP, Don't Fail Me Now!

I've been eagerly awaiting my online Gap Maternity purchase (2 pair of jeans).  So, when our 'guard dogs' started barking by the front door yesterday, I assumed my purchases were waiting on the other side.

I was correct.  Excitedly I grabbed the package, ripped it open, ran to the full length mirror and tried on my new jeans.  The first pair were way too big.    I ordered my normal pre-pregnancy GAP size, just like the website suggested (weird).  No worries, I still have another pair to try on.  Second pair, fit in the hips and waist but was definitely NOT long.  The tags said long, but I measured the inseam at 30", not the expected 34" (really people, is it possible to receive not one but two miss sized jeans?).

At this point I am thoroughly depressed.  I've now purchased 4 pair of maternity jeans, returned 1 pair, kept 1 pair (because it was a final sale and somewhat fit) and now forced to return 2 more pairs.  Should maternity shopping be this difficult!?!

Anyway, I called GAP's customer service (on the verge of tears no less) and started the exchange process.  The representative was amazing.  She gave me free shipping on my first order and second order, and one pair of the jeans just went on sales so she credited my account.  She even expedited the second order for tomorrow delivery.  

In the event you might think I'm overreacting about the fit of my GAP jeans, I graciously allowed Dave to photograph yesterday's monumental disappointment:

Exhibit A

Had to hold them up or this would have become a truly tasteless photo.

Exhibit B

Yes, sadly even Lavender was just as fascinated by my high-waters as the laughing man behind the camera.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's A Neeeeew Caaaaaar!

Dave and I have officially completed our civic duty to the dismal US economy and purchased a 'NEEEW CAAAAR' (insert theme music to Price Is Right).  We actually bought it two weeks before Christmas, I've just been lazy in posting about it.

It's the new Honda CR-V and we love it!  I never thought I'd be an SUV girl, but the gas mileage is good (my major concern when buying a new car).  Not to mention the CR-V has been the top rated small SUV from Consumer Reports for the past 5 - 6 years.  So we felt it was a sensible and informed purchase.

Apparently, now is the time to buy a new car (a few of my friends have already jumped on the car purchasing wagon).  The auto industry is just dying to get rid of these things and offering crazy deals I haven't seen since the post September 11th recession. 

In case you were wondering, Dave and I have been discussing a new car for a while.  Two things tipped our decision in favor of the purchase:  his car died (oaky, the main reason) and the crazy car deals.

Our favorite interior feature is the double-decker storage shelf that let's Dave put his golf clubs in the back and still have room for groceries, etc.  By the way, this is Dave's new car, not mine; though he tells me I'll drive it when the babies come (imagine a stroller in place of the golf clubs).

So, does this officially put us in some new parental category?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Maternity Buyer Beware

My big sis came home for the holidays bearing gifts of maternity clothing from her pregnancy (hallelujah!).  She also talked me into going maternity shopping (already having trouble fitting into my regular pants).  

We went to Destination Maternity (a 3 - 1 maternity store).  Best part was trying on the belly bump pad.  Since I'm carrying twins I was advised to try on the 9 month bump to see what I would look like at 7 months.  Here's a glimpse.

Unfortunately my ultimate dilemma is finding reasonably affordable maternity jeans with a 34" inseam.  The cheaper maternity fashion called Motherhood did not fit (saddening cause their jeans were $24).  The middle range, Mimi Maternity, jeans fit nicely (but were $118).  

I made the mistake of purchasing the Mimi jeans at Destination Maternity before finding a GAP maternity in town.  GAP maternity is my new fav pregger place.  I've always found nirvana at GAP (not to mention their maternity jeans start at $68).  

Apparently Destination Maternity does not offer cash refunds (only exchanges or merchandise credits) on regular price purchases.  This posed a small problem for me since I wanted to return my $118 dollar jeans from some $68 GAP ones.  Here's my conversation with the store clerk:
ME:  I'd like to return these jeans.

CLERK:  We don't offer returns only merchandise credits and exchanges.

ME:  I didn't know that.  I was told I had 10 days from date of purchase to return or exchange, there was no mention of merchandise credits.

CLERK:  Well we've had this policy for 10 years.  

(oh you poor simple hourly worker, don't ever tell a hungry pregnant lady something this ridiculous)

ME:  I'm sure you have, but this is my first pregnancy and my first time shopping in your store.  

(a 10 second silent battle of wills begins)

CLERK:  Let me get my manager.

MANAGER:  Well, we train our clerks to clearly state the policy at the end of every sale.

ME:  Yes, I was told all sales were final on clearance items and I had 10 days to return or exchange new items.  There was no mention of not receiving a full cash refund. 

 (feeling redundant, but there is a $118 at stake)

MANAGER:  Let me talk to the store manager.

MANAGER:  Okay, we can do the cash refund, but it will come up in the system as a return due to medical reasons.  Are you okay with that?

ME:  Yes.  Thank you.

MANAGER:  Would you like an orange juice before you leave?
Look honey!  My stubbornness kinda saved us some future money (I did end up buying 2 pairs of GAP jeans for the price of one pair of Mimi jeans).

He's A Keeper Alright!

Every Christmas Dave and I go shopping and each buy a new ornament for the tree.  It's a tradition we started on our first Christmas together (partly because Dave had no ornaments and didn't like my mini disco balls).  

Sometimes our ornaments came from places we visited throughout the year like the St. Michelle vineyards in Seattle, Biltmore Estate, Japanese art fair or simply Target (when we were broke from paying off our wedding).

This year we were in Pottery Barn and decided to pick out sea creature ornaments (since we most probably will be moving to the beach soon).  Dave picked out the seahorse and explained 'the male seahorse carries the babies'.  

Yup, he's a keeper and I'm one lucky lady.