Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Babies' First Christmas . . .

. . . and frankly, they could care less.

Dave's sister and her family drove the entire Eastern seaboard to spend Christmas with us. I crafted a complicated menu (none of which I knew how to cook. Has anyone ever made a roux? I couldn't even pronounce it properly . . . much less perform it.). Luckily Dave's sister stepped in and saved Christmas by cooking everything to perfection.

And because one set of infant twins did not provide enough chaos, we invited Max & Ollie to join the festivities. The house is still standing and we're pretty sure the neighbors all think we're lushes (our recycle bin was 95% beer, wine and champagne bottles).

Here's some pictures from the big, beautiful day:

Apparently these don't come with gift receipts . . .

How To Enjoy Christmas Dinner:
Step 1: Insert 'educational' DVD
Step 2: Press Play
Step 3: Silently walk away

It's a BB gun, Folks!
Plan to start practicing my best Clint Eastwood 'Get off my land'

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Not the Ritz, dahling . . . but it'll do.

We spent most of last week living in hotels. Also learned (the hard way) never turn your back on a roly poly Finn (hence the pillow gate). Mirabelle liked the hotel provided cribs, Finn preferred the comfort of a Mommy heater and Mommy preferred a sleeping Finn.

Things I've Learned So Far . . .

  1. Finn likes shopping in Victoria's Secret and Mirabelle likes her feet.

  2. It's mind-numbingly painful to realize halfway through a series of errands (with babies in tow) you forgot your wallet at home . . . again.

  3. When you're having a bad day call Lily; her day was probably much worse yet she isn't complaining to you about it.

  4. Wilmington is full of super friendly, baby-lovin' old people always ready to lend a helping hand when out shopping (must mail 'thank you' note to person responsible for sending these beautiful living Angels my way).

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Dave's 'Grammy' passed away last week. We took the babies to Pittsburgh for the funeral (say what you will but babies are great for funerals).

From the few stories I've heard over the years it's safe to say she was a legendary woman and a few weeks shy of her 94th birthday. She raised 5 boys and loved on 13 grandbabies as well as a few great grandbabies (including our two sugar drops). She will be missed.

Grammy's in blue sitting next to my lovely Oma

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Is How We Roll

Here's a pictorial review of last week's events.

We like to:

Attempt to escape the confines of our nightly prison . . .

Cause our parents mild cardiac arrest in the morning . . .

Then apologize by smiling pretty for the camera . . .

Cheer for Team Daddy while he does outside chores . . .

Help Daddy look adorable at holiday parties . . .

Remind Mommy & Daddy how fast we grow . . .

Monday, December 14, 2009

DecK The Front Porch With Boughs Of . . .

Glitter . . . lots and lots of glitter?

Today the babies helped me decorate the front of the house (helping is defined as not crying). We got a good bit accomplished, lights on the bushes and larger-than-life ornaments hung with care.

My 'first-born baby' (sweet, sweet Lavender) was not so helpful. Ancient swamp spirits from the wetlands behind our house softly called her name. I let her roam the front yard (my mistake). Instead, she bolted for the woods behind our property. Thirty minutes later she nonchalantly showed up at the front door . . . completely wet and covered in mud.

I opted not to photographer her (one wouldn't want to encourage this behavior).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just In Case

I've been on the fence about babies with Santa photos. Why start a tradition of bad paid for photos with some old stranger? It seems just a tad odd to me.

Plus, I'm not 100% certain how much Santa lying I plan to allow (fear not dear Reader, if my lovely kids are actually reading this some day than 1) thank you sweet peas for caring about Mommy's babble and 2) if you are reading this than you are old enough to know the truth about Santa . . . if not, than there's no time like the present).

Alas, we decided to give it a shot. Better to capture the memory and not want it than to want it later and not have it. Without further ado here is the season premiere of the twins with Santa!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Correspondences Via Text Messages

Yesterday Lily convinced me to join her at the gym for Body Pump (you see where this is going).

sent 7:20a by Emily
'Can't move. Come over and take care of my kids.'

sent 7:21a by Lily
'Sure, be over in 5 minutes . . .'

(Note to Reader: I was not foolish enough to fall for this blatant lie)

sent 7:26a by Emily
'Does Angelina Jolie ever get to sleep in?'

sent by Lily
'No. She wakes up early and lets the nannies sleep in . . . '

Here's a few things I've come to learn:

  1. You don't need Body Pump when you've got two 14 lb. weights to cart around town.
  2. Never trust someone named Lily if they tell you the gym will be 'fun'.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rotten Dog Part 2

In August, Lavender tried to escape our screened-in porch to chase the Great Unknown (as documented by the original episode of Rotten Dog). Today, Lavender tried to escape the newly (and expensive) fenced in backyard for the comfort and peace of the now partially screened-in porch.

Time to begrudgingly fantasize other ways to have spent $4,000, instead of a beautifully useless fence (much needed vacation . . . granite counter tops for kitchen . . . twin college funds . . .).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 Month Update

Belle & Finn are 5 months old today! Here's what I've learned so far:
  • Everyone who said caring for babies would be easier (even fun) at 4 months was right!
  • Matching sleepers are fun stuff.
  • Find yourself another desperate twin mom and latch on to her like there's no tomorrow.
  • Bedtime routines are sacred events; revere them.
  • When Mirabelle is hungry, feed her . . . asap.
  • Finn requires a burp cloth at ALL times.
  • Teething sucks (yet still a 1000 times better than newborn two-hour feedings).

Finnlay is 14 lbs 2 oz of pure kung fu love. His current crowning achievement involves sticking an entire fist in his mouth and gagging on it (so proud). He's also mastered rolling with intention (his physical therapist made that one up) and is ready for crawling, walking and talking at any given moment. We're asking Santa for a helmet, elbow, knee and shin pads for Christmas.

Finn would like to remind everyone he declined his nomination for the World's Most Handsome Man of 2009. He will not accept this award until someone finds a cure for annoying little sisters.

Mirabelle is 14 lbs 12 oz of pure, natural spring water. She doesn't 'roll with intention' . . . not when others are available to fetch for her. She enjoys working her core and abdominal muscles with belly crunches and seated curls. She'd rather chew her toes than fingers and religiously partakes in 15 hours of beauty rest each day (she enjoys reminding us Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is perfection).