Thursday, February 25, 2010

Age Discrimination?

This is a cruel, discriminating world we live in.  The babies have graduated from Size 3 to Size 4 diapers and Pampers would like to take this opportunity to stick-it-where-the-sun-don't-shine (yup, you read correctly, I used the worst cliche imaginable).

Here's why:

Retail Price:  $37.98

Retail Price:  $37.98

Retail Price:  $37.98

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blame It On The Olympics . . .

As a reason for my pitiful lack of posts these past few weeks.  Or, perhaps, it's because I now have curious and mobile infants who require complete vigilance during waking hours.  Who knows, the Olympic excuse sounds more worldly.

Regardless, things here are wonderfully chaotic.  Finn has decided Mirabelle is the funniest thing he's ever seen; Mirabelle is equally tickled by Finn.  They enjoy racing towards toys with some good natured stealing and snatching (gotta toughin' the youngin's . . . builds character).

Lady Belle would like everyone to know she DOES NOT like Finn kicking her head (a valid complaint).  Finn thinks Mirabelle is a sissy (technically speaking, he's right).

Recently we introduced Belle to Gerber's spaghetti with meat sauce (loved it).  Finn wasn't feeling it so much, but he was recovering from that ear infection.

We also made our first homemade puree of peas and carrots (fine, our second puree).  The first puree was a failed attempt at avocado and tofu.  My only defense being the classic mistake of over thinking.  I believe Lily's exact comment was 'Avocado and tofu are wonderful individually, but I don't think they would taste very good together'.  She was right, two notoriously bland foods do not magically make a tasty treat.

And of course, we had our first big snow at the beach a few weeks ago.  We made a snownanny for the babies.  My folks were here to enjoy the festivities.

Family photo with our newest member 

Getting ready for Snowfest 2010

The backyard

Oh, and it's that time of year again:  Quinn's Senior Prom!!!  We went dress shopping and found 'The One'.  The inspiration this year is red carpet glam.

I'm also about to take my first overnight trip without the babies.  I'm co-hosting a baby shower in Myrtle Beach.  We rented a small oceanfront condo in the hopes that after the shower, some of us new mothers might actually get a good full nights sleep (this is what it's come to . . . a good night sleep is more exciting than a night out drinking and dancing?).

Don't worry folks, the babies will be left in the capable hands of Dave . . . my parents . . . and little sister (because it takes 3 and a half adults to master what I do alone . .  kidding, kind of).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't Be Hatin'

Note:  So if you've been following this blog you noticed it's had a small 'identity crisis' recently.  We'll try and stick with this new template for a while.  

For those interested, we ran a poll a few weeks ago asking everyone which baby would utter the English language first and what that word would be.  All the haters out there voted for Mirabelle saying 'Dada' (technically, that's not a real word, and did everyone forget who writes this blog?).

Anyway, here's a brief video of Lady Belle 'talking'.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Storllergate 2010

Because money must grow on trees we felt it necessary to purchase two new strollers in one week.  First stroller was the Maclaren Twin Triumph, an amazing umbrella-style double stroller for everyday use.  The second stroller was a Maclaren Twin Triumph to replace the first one--whose fate is unknown (either lost or stolen).

Things we've learned from this incident:

  1. Start putting name and number on all baby equipment.
  2. Most credit cards will reimburse you for items damaged/stolen within 90 days of their purchase (Thank you, Visa!).

Here's a picture of Granddad pushing the babies in stroller 2.0.  The Maclaren is totally worth the money--the first time, second time is debatable (we're still a little bitter about the whole situation).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who Loves You Baby?

Finn does . . . as evidence from the World's Largest Smile!  
'Aunt Shannon' came to visit last week and someone was super excited (No, not Finn, ME!!).

In other news, Finn and Belle are on the mend.  We're slowly getting back to our normal routine.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up Chuck & Dookie Bottom

It's official, we've been inducted into the next stage of parenthood . . . the 24 hr. stomach virus.  Of course for us, it's been the 96 hr. stomach virus/ear infection bonanza.

Lady Belle had a not-so-ladylike experience on Friday, followed by Finn on Sunday night.  By Monday afternoon we were at the doctor's office with a feverish Finn and a grease lightening Belle.  Finn won the 'competition' with a nasty left ear infection.

Today we washed everything that didn't require batteries.  Belle had 4 costume changes, 3 naps and one bath.  Finn also had 4 costume changes, 5 naps, an impromptu morning bath and mid-afternoon sponge bath.

We're exhausted and ready for spring--yet somehow we managed to do a mini photo session.