Thursday, October 29, 2009

Robeez Rock!

The babies got their first pair of shoes a week ago. Robeez are great; they offer my twenty little toes protection from the cold but don't inhibit natural foot development.

I've been wanting to own these since 'Aunt Shannon' bought her first baby a pair almost 8 years ago! Trying very hard not to develop a baby shoe fetish . . .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh, My God! Did Mirabelle Just Smile?

Why, I think she did!

Let's take a closer look . . .

[gasp] That IS a smile!

Well folks, we have visual confirmation. On occasion Mirabelle does seem to approve of her general surroundings (It's no Ritz baby, but it's gonna have to do).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Difference Is This Much!

It rained all day yesterday so Lily brought her boys over for a banana bread Bake-Off!! Nana was on hand to provide culinary advice and entertain any crying babies (Pap-Pap was hiding safely in the guest room . . . smart man).

Lily's secret ingredient was yogurt and mine was creme fraiche, chocolate chips and a new Pampered Chef stoneware baking pan (I play to win). It took three hours to make the batters (there were four infants under 5 months of age in the house).

Here's Judge Nana savoring Lily's bread

'Impartial' Judge Dave biting into my dream cake

Both judges unanimously declared a tie (where's the fun in that). After continued harassment, Judge Dave released the following statement 'I loved both breads equally. The difference is this much'.

Days Like These

The universe is righting itself once again. Everyone who said I'd finally get some sleep in October was right. Those who prophesied a much easier life by month 3 to 4 . . . right again.

Sunday was a wonderfully laid back day (yes, the newly minted twin mom actually described a day as 'laid back'). Daddy took the babies outside to watch him assemble some front porch rockers. Then Mommy joined the fun and attempted to (unsuccessfully) paint some pumpkins.

Here's a picture of everyone chillin' in the garage. It was a perfect day!

[Correction: a perfect day would be sitting on the front porch instead of the junky garage, drinking lemonade rather than Magic Hat, and wearing tastefully coordinating outfits.]

[Disclaimer: Sleep and laid-backness has only been achievable due to an extended visit from Nana and Pap-Pap.]

Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Visit To A Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we took the babies to a local farm/pumpkin patch with two other twin parents. It rained off and on all day (on while getting out of the car, off while inside. On while getting into car, off while driving home, etc.).

We think Finn and Belle had a good time (it's increasingly hard to decode the various blank stares). Regardless, we had a blast! We took a thousand pictures, bought one overpriced pumpkin and then drove to Sam's Club to buy more (i.e., cheaper) pumpkins.

Afterwards, Finn and Belle spent the afternoon playing with Max & Ollie while the 'adult children' carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds and drank hot apple cider (spiked with rum).

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day (okay, we could have . . . a little less rain would have been nice).

Clan Donovan

Behind the scenes preparing for group children shot

Ta Da! Three sets of twins posing at the pumpkin patch.

Oh No She Din'it!

Oh yes, she did. 'Aunt Shannon' had her way with Lady Belle and managed to sneak a big flower on her head. This might actually work for little Belle.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's Get Physical

Belle really isn't interested in rolling over these days (in her mind, one time for the camera was enough). She's now ready for something new like sitting up. She enjoys curling her legs up when she's on the floor and lifting her head and upper body when sitting in the bouncer, car seat, swing, my lap, etc. So I figured she'd like the view from an exersaucer (and I was right because I'm brilliant).

Finn has apparently perfected the art of rolling from back to front and front to back, though he chooses to do this trick when mommy's not around (so we pretend it never happened). He likes to kick his legs and attempt to escape his bouncer and swing. When on his tummy, he seems more interested in learning to crawl (presumably to begin breaking all our irreplaceable pottery).

So today we introduced a new toy . . . the exersaucer. Needless to say it was a sensory-overloading experience that left the twins looking more like fourth-period high school stoners than (almost) four-month old twins.

Here are eight pics (because one was not enough) from today's calorie-burning, sensory-overloading sessions in the exersaucer. (Thanks Aunt Sharon for donating this to our ever-expanding in-home baby daycare center. They really seemed to love it!).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holy Tap Water, Batman!

During the baptism a glass beaker filled with water was blessed by the minister and poured into a basin. Then the water was sprinkled on Finn and Belle's head (no tears, they love bath time and strangers).

But where exactly did this water come from? Is it tap water (from the kitchen or bathroom . . . I'd prefer the kitchen for some reason)? Bottled water (which begs the question natural spring or purified and was it bottled by the Methodist church or bought at Wal-mart)? Or perhaps river water (maybe 80 years ago, but highly unlikely in today's modern society)?

Surely it doesn't matter, but as the minister magically created holy water from a beaker full of unholy (I've decided tap) water, I couldn't help but fixate on this critical internal debate (that and regret not getting Finn a pair of adorably useless shoes for the occasion).

All joking aside, the baptism was wonderful and meaningful. The minister asked if Dave and I wanted to stand at the front by ourselves or with our family. Easy question. We wanted our families to stand behind us. See folks, we haven't been raising these pups on our own (it's been a huge group effort).

A thousand 'thank you's to everyone for coming and supporting Clan Donovan. For those who couldn't make it, we know you were there in spirit.

Here's some more pics from the big weekend.

twins holding twins

disgruntled uncles

Me & Mirabelle's Godmother

My Family

Mirabelle at lunch after baptism

Amazing friends

Finn's Godparents

Finn at lunch after baptism

Dave's Family

Monday, October 19, 2009

Twin Packing List

We took the babies on their first overnight adventure (a two hour car ride to my hometown for their baptism). Here's my recommended packing list:

9 different packed bags full of redundant items (check)
7 adults on hand during transit with 5 waiting at final destination (check)
2 adorable baptism outfits and 3 equally adorable back-up outfits on reserve (check)
1 ridiculously cute pair of black patent leather baby shoes for your favorite daughter (check)
4 receiving blankets, 3 of which your husband will misplace within the first hour (check)
1 week's worth of diapers on reserve . . . never used (check)
7 adults, 2 babies, 4 dogs, and 2 sets of golf clubs packed into 4 cars (check)
11 cell phones employed for events coordination (check)
a reality TV show's worth of recording equipment to document the 10 minute ceremony (check)
1 disgruntled uncle (check)
1 incredible friend (my Shannon) to keep you grounded during the bevy of activities (check)

The adventure was a success! Our babies were sprinkled with holy water, blessed by family and friends and in bed by 8p.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween & Horrible Parents

It's official! Finn and Belle are going to be Princess Leia and Master Yoda for Halloween (yes, I know Luke and Leia would be more fitting . . . but the Yoda costume was too good to pass up). I've also broken my dear Grandma's heart by not making them something cute like a pumpkin (again, the Yoda costume was just too funny . . . sorry Grandma).

As new parents of adorable twins (of course I'm bias), we just HAD to get professional photos documenting their first Halloween costumes. We signed the babies up for a special fall photo session with our new favorite photographer Katie Matthews (worth all 3,000 pennies).

This time our buddies Max & Ollie joined in on the fun (and stole the show with their matching sumo wrestler costumes). I, on the other hand, picked outfits more appropriate for a slumber party in Canada than the likes of a steamy fall day along the coast of North Carolina.

Belle & Finn spent most of the photo shoot in blatant protest of their wardrobe choices (rookie mom mistake # I've-lost-count). By the end of the session (aka baby torture) I felt certain the photographer captured a whole bunch of nothing. Turns out I was wrong. Here are some of our favorite shots:

the calm before the storm

sweet little princess stuck in a basket full of pumpkins (just for you Grandma)

Oh Finn, quit being so dramatic.

The beginning of the photo session,
shortly before they understand what was happening

The makings of a really cool band (yes, still fixated on Belle & Finn starting a cool indie rock band . . . isn't the point of having kids a way for parent's to live out their unfulfilled teenage fantasies?)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Are You My Mommy & Daddy?

Maybe all new mothers feel a little bewilderment when they see their baby (or babies) for the first time. I felt bewilderment (wow, there really were two babies in my belly!!), relief (I can eat lots and lots of sugar again!!) and uncertainty (those babies are cute, are we sure they're mine?).

Is the uncertainty something only IVF mothers feel? For those of you living under rocks, the media recently reported an IVF couple implanted with the wrong embryo. The couple opted to deliver the baby and give it to the biological parents (here's hoping they asked for millions in emotional and psychological compensation). Click here to read the story.

Recently I had both families do some digging and send us baby pics of Dave and I. Finn's a keeper (he looked like adult Dave from the beginning). Mirabelle (maybe there's a little bit of me there) who knows. Regardless, if anyone comes knocking, we're still keeping her (at least until the GAP casting call contest is over . . . you are still voting, right?).

Your turn to weigh in. Here's some embarrassing baby pics of Dave and I. Let us know if you see any family resemblances.

Dan & Dave 2 weeks old

Dave 12 months old-ish

Emily 2 weeks old

Emily 8 months old-ish

Finn 2 months old

Mirabelle 2 weeks old

Mirabelle & Finn 2 days old

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rice Cereal Videos

As promised, here are two videos of us torturing the twins with spoons and questionable food products. Enjoy!

Mirabelle's video

Finn's video

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where's The Chapter For Baby Girls?

Who knew it would be harder (sometimes) caring for a baby girl than a baby boy. Case in point, last week I finally took the time to check out Lady Belle's privates while bathing her-- didn't know you had to clean that area thoroughly (you do). She's three months old and I'm just figuring this out.

I blame this on 'America's Bestselling Childcare Series' 'What To Expect: The First Year'. Page 148 gives a detailed description on 'Penis Care' (complete with diagram of circumcised and uncircumcised appendages). Page 151 covers 'Umbilical Stump Care'; however, nowhere is there a page devoted to ' Vulva/Vaginal Care'.

Folks, I understand this book's target audience is a mother (with, presumably, her own vulva/vagina); but help a sis'tah out. When you're sleep deprived and trying to raise infant twins . . . things sometimes need to be spelled out.

Clearly if I could make this mistake, my husband would be equally as ignorant. Turns out I'm the only one. When I brought up this discovery to my husband he replied 'Well, yeah. She can't clean it herself.'

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Family That Eats Together . . .

Saturday morning the babies tried their first spoonful of rice cereal. Most experts say wait between 4 - 6 months before introducing solids (but who cares about the experts, our babies are advanced learners).

Finn liked the experience and even ate a few spoonfuls. Mirabelle was uninterested and felt rice cereal is better used as a facial mask than food (she's convinced the stuff is good for a lady's complexion).

Here are some photos documenting the experience (video was also taken, and if you're good readers, we just might post it later this week).

Here is Lady Belle humoring the masses with a photo op after politely rejecting her evil mother's attempt at spoon feeding. For the record, Lady Belle only smiles if there is a mirror in front of her and she sees a darling little baby with cherub cheeks and beautifully intense eyes staring at her (not kidding, will video tape the blatant vanity).

Finn clearly enjoys eating, smelling and wearing rice cereal. He also likes long walks on the beach and is looking for someone with a good sense of humor and willing to wear more food than they eat.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Promote Good Self Esteem, Vote For My Babies!

Gap is doing their annual 'GAP Casting Call' contest. Basically, you enter a photo of your baby and GAP will decide if he/she (or it) is cute enough to promote GAP Baby clothing. The winning baby will get photographed for GAP ads running next February.

There is also a 'Fan Favorite' contest. Each day you visit GAP's casting call promotional site and vote for your favorite entry. Of course I've entered both Finn and Belle in the contest. Now it's up to you (my three or four faithful readers) to boost Lady Belle and Mr. Finn's self esteem by voting for them at least once a day for the next month (don't let the cute Asian looking kids win).

To vote for Finn and Belle click here. FYI: you will have to register with GAP to place a vote. I can't imagine why this would be a problem for anyone (surely, you'd hate Finn and Belle to think you didn't love them enough to register . . . or remember to vote on a daily basis).

While you're voting, you might as well vote for these handsome men (Finn and Belle's soon to be BFFs . . . they just don't know it yet). Click here to vote for Max & Ollie.