Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In Full Control (Of Denial)

It's become increasingly obvious Finn & Belle know much more about raising themselves versus what Mommy knows. For example, vegetables not shaped like fries (especially of the green variety) simply were never meant for human consumption, but for canine nutrition. Nap times are for babies, old people or those bored with their day.  Using a toilet is extremely inefficient when a diaper does all the work for you AND let's you keep playing with your toys (double win)!

After weeks of whining about, well everything--and that was just me, imagine what the twins sounded like; I finally decided maybe these kids do know best. So, today Finn & Belle ate a two hour breakfast consisting of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, organic gummy bunnies, a bowl of fruit and some cereal with milk. For nap time they played quietly in each other's beds (oh, did we mention they're in toddler beds now?) for one hour before standing by the door, banging loudly, while trying to figure out how to turn the door's knob.

Finally, I let them watch some TV while I made dinner. This, folks, is apparently the appropriate nap time and venue. Hang in there kids, Mommy will get the hang of this parenting gig--some day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Talk Town With Toddlers

I've got to start documenting some of the random thoughts Finn & Belle feel compelled to voice.  I've no doubt sharing them here will fall under the 'must have only been funny if you were standing right there' category.  Regardless, if I don't document them here . . . I'm not sure I ever will.

While eating breakfast this morning, the following transpired: 
Finn:  I like Daisy (Duck).
Belle:  MayBelle does NOT like Daisy.
Me:  That's nice Finn.  Mirabelle who do you like then?
Belle:  MayBelle likes milk.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pin It On Me

The moment Finn & Belle are old enough for us to convert the playroom back to a formal sitting room . . . I plan on buying one of these:

Thanks to Pintrest I now know wine barrel wine racks exist (even if they are ridiculously overpriced).  I'm loving Pintrest and apparently I'm not alone.  This cool site lets me bookmark my favorite web finds and 'pin' them to a group message board.  Like Twitter, people can follow my pins and like Facebook I can share other people's pins with my network of friends.  If I were still in Marketing, I'd already be drafting a proposal to integrate this into my campaigns.

However, now that I'm the proud mother of two year old twins, I find it way more enjoyable getting paid to drink good wine!!  Let's face it, toddler twins and amazing wines have got to be the perfect pairing.

In case you were wondering . . . the wine business is doing amazingly well!  I promoted to a career level position back in October (just 10 months after signing on).  I'll drink to that!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

You Just Did What!?!

Yes, I took a two month break from blogging.  Then, while designing this year's holiday card, made the rash decision to post the 'big reveal' here first.  Mainly to make the three remaining followers I still have feel special--and recieve the $10 off coupon promised by Shutterfly for posting their widget . . . but mainly for you good folks.

So, a little background on the card.  We literally travelled 'over the river and through the woods' to get to Grandma's house this Thanksgiving (more on that later).  Included in our road trip was an overnight stay with my sweet friend Meighan.  She has returned to the South from the glamorous land of the pacific northwest--in a place where the sun suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and refuses to show up for work at least 300 days out of the year and yet the world still seems to revolve around it.

Since I've been campaigning these past ten years to get all my dearest friends to live within a few hours car ride from here, I felt sweet victory when Meighan told me she was relocating to be closer to family (and friends, I'm almost certain she said friends).  So, Dave & I carved out some vacation time to swing by her new home and give everyone a proper 'house warming'.  For those curious, a proper house warming involves a slew of snotty nosed toddlers incapable of sharing and lots of wine (lots and lots of wine).

Meighan specifically asked I bring my 'fancy camera' to capture some family photos for holiday cards.  Brilliant idea!  I even did some online research for scenic photo spots in the area (i.e. I polled all my Facebook friends living in upstate SC) and started coordinating holiday outfits for Finn & Belle.  Of course, an hour into our road trip I realized one crucial flaw in all my planning--I forgot the 'fancy camera'.

So, this year's holiday greeting card moments came courtesy of the iPhone 4 and Camera + app.  If only the Apple store would offer a $10 off coupon for this shameless plug . . .

They would hold hands, but refused to look at the camera . . .

Smiles, but still no looking at the camera . . . 

He wanted to show me all the leaves . . . but not look at the camera. 

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