Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Postal Odyssey

Last week we received a notice from the post office to pick up a package.  I dread these errands mainly because pre-babies the errand took a maximum of five minutes.  With babies, I'm lucky to set the stroller, unload the car, wait in line, reload the car, store the stroller and drive away in under 30 minutes with no tears.

So, yesterday I drove to our local post office to retrieve the package, only it wasn't there (remember how we talked about that 'fine line of sanity').  Apparently I drove to the wrong post office.

The Leland post office is conveniently located 7 miles from my house, and NOT technically my post office (which I learned the hard way).  My package is at the Winnabow post office  located 14 miles away from my house (Winnabow coincidentally being my mailing address):

Today for 'Adventure Time' we tried to find a short cut to the Winnabow post office.  Words can't begin to describe the drive, therefore I took some pictures along the way.

A good 15 minutes of the drive was along a very secluded dirt road that looked paved on MapQuest.  Ironically, I had better cell coverage on this road than I did in my own house.

Along the way, we came upon a loving memorial for 35 year-old Keith Hewitt.  He apparently loved to play billiards, most of the memorial is constructed from a pool table, cue stick and pool balls.  Inside the triangle it simply says 'I'm Resting In His Arms' . . .

Yup, it's a man riding horseback.  I found it odd to see him on the pavement instead of the endless stretch of dirt road we'd just maneuvered (my mistake).

The promised land!  Folks, I'd like to introduce you to the Winnabow, NC post office.   My favorite part of 'my' post office:  they've taken the liberty of designating 'Employee Parking' in the same location as the 'required-by-law-$250-penalty-for-misusing' disabled parking spot.

The post office was closed by the time I reached it.  Fortunately the drive over was so bizarrely entertaining I didn't mind wasting a second day trying to fetch this mystery package (it's addressed to Dave, couldn't be that important).

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sun Babe-ing

Last week on the way out of town I saw the most beautiful words posted on a sign near the entrance to our community:


See folks, exactly one year ago this month I waddled my way through empty house after terribly decorated house in hopes of finding the perfect place to raise Wiz & Nug.  We settled on a lovely home in a relatively new community complete with neighborhood pool.

Thus began a series of daydreams involving Mommy sipping something refreshing while sunbathing by the kiddie pool as my perfect little angels played independently (and quietly) in the pool.  Strangely, in every fantasy we were the only family enjoying the kiddie pool.

So, today we (mostly me, but I like to let the babies think they have a say every once in a while) put on some Huggies Little Swimmers and made our way to the pool.

Unfortunately the kiddie pool is closed for repairs (never a part of my daydreams).  Apparently last season some parents dragged pool chairs into the kiddie pool and scratched the bottom of the pool causing repair work.

Folks, if you've ever been a stay at home parent, or married to one, then you know there is a fragile balance between good and bad days.  All it takes is one small road block to set in motion the world's most catastrophic day imaginable (and that's exactly what they feel like).

But I'm a mother of twins, so I wake up with incredibly low expectations on a daily basis.  The kiddie pool news did not phase me.  I live near a beach and just put my babies in cool new swim diapers that begged for some test driving.  We were going to give these 'suckers' a whirl no matter the cost (Hee Hee. Get it? Suckers, as in water sucking diapers).

However, I was phased when I took Lady Belle out of her car seat and noticed a bizarre wetness on her bottom and the car seat with the suspicious smell of pee lingering in the air.  Really!?!  I know they're suppose to keep water out of the diaper, but pee as well (huge design flaw).  Anyone interested in 10 Huggies Little Swimmer diapers in size S/P that may (most likely not) work?

In an effort to salvage the day, we switched back to 'normal' diapers and put on some hand-me-down swimsuits with built-in diaper shields; then headed to the beach (never closed for repairs . . . unless you currently live along the Gulf Coast).

Despite the gale force winds, swirling sands and arctic chill in the surf the babies seemed to tolerate the experience.  More importantly, the built-in diaper shields rocked!  Which is for the best, no need to purchase special diapers all summer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back On Track

Alright folks, I've abandoned you recently and in turn you've secretly cried yourself to sleep at night (or maybe that was just Mirabelle).  So, what have I been doing this past week (aside from nurturing human life)?

Uncle Charlie came to visit last weekend.   We're campaigning heavily for him to move to Wilmington instead of Charlotte.  Here are some key selling points:
  1. Free Laundry and Sunday lunch service.
  2. Small town charm with big college town lifestyle.
  3. Beautiful biking weather 265+ days per year.
  4. BEACHES (free, cheap, easy entertainment).
  5. Professional soccer team:  Wilmington Hammerheads (yes, you too could be one of 5 people attending these games).
  6. Cheap downtown bars (making it 'rain' money you didn't have never felt so good).
  7. The world's cutest niece and nephew this side of the Mississippi available for social calls.
Unfortunately, after explaining the hidden meaning behind selling point #6 Dave now vetoes any attempt to move Uncle Charlie within a 20 mile radius of our house.

After Uncle Charlie's visit we drove Daddy to the airport for an all expense paid trip to Rochester, NY for a 5 night stay on a Sleep Number bed (no, not bitter).  I took this opportunity to pack the babies up and head to our old stomping grounds of Charlotte, NC.

Folks, this was my first out-of-town trip with the babies ALONE (technically I was only alone for the 4-hour drive).  We stayed with some beautiful friends and spent the week being spoiled rotten with good food, great shopping and fabulous people.

Here's what I learned on my first solo adventure:

  1. Don't do it, it's really hard.  (Let me clarify, my friends were PHENOMENAL for letting me turn their house into a Finn & Belle playground.  However, regardless of their generosity, my mother guilt for temporarily disrupting their lifestyle and the babies' made it extremely difficult to relax).
  2. The day you commit to a trip will be the day your babies learn to crawl, climb, stand and/or walk (meaning a new level of baby proofing in someone else's home begins).
  3. Don't pack a ton of toys, buy one or two new ones when you get in town (works like magic).
  4. Skip bath time (especially if your babies have started pooping in the tub--no joke, three days in a row = boycotting bath time till Daddy is home to deal with this new development).
  5. Twins provide a good lesson in birth control.
On the positive side, the couple I stayed with still wants to start a family.  Apparently, our 'invasion' sparked some great conversations on how to prepare for  parenthood (or at least that's what they're telling me in an effort to spare my feelings).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Shout Out For Shout

I'm in love with a new-to-me product, it's called Shout Advanced Gel and it's worth every penny (really, it's only $3.50). It probably uses 25 different toxic cleaning agents known to cause skin cancer but I could care less because it works like magic.

Finn came in contact with some spaghetti recently (spaghetti won); casualties included a brand new shortall which perfectly matched one of Mirabelle's dresses.  Folks, if you have boy/girl twins (I've just limited my reading audience to zero) then you KNOW how difficult it is to find coordinating outfits. 

I was prepared to spend as much as I paid on the outfit ($5.44 at Sam's Club), so imagine my surprise when this little blue bottle filled with hopes and dreams actually worked.

The label said it worked on 'set-in stains' and we all know product labels never lie. It took two wash cycles, but in the end, the defeated garment was spotless. I'm not alone on this one, Good Housekeeping gave it a Good Buy Award in 2008.

Finn stunned by the power of Oma-ma's spaghetti

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

9 Months Update

'I have NO idea what all the complaining is about, this sh*t is EASY,' said the obnoxious husband upon my return from a weekend away.  I'd say he really missed me.

Right before I left town we visited the pediatrician for the babies' nine month well visit.  After 14 straight days of gunk in the elephant trunk, Mirabelle was diagnosed with a sinus infection (Finn's a little jealous she's the one getting the antibotics).

Don't worry, Finn's still logging some good mileage with the doctors.  In fact, he's scheduled to see a dermatologist in a couple of weeks.  He's got a birthmark on his back the size of a leach (looks like one too).  Our doctor wants a specialist to look at it and decide if it should stay or go (the real question is if it's removed does it go into his scrapbook?).


Weight:  18 lb. 2 oz
Height:  29 inches

Mirabelle loves to eat cinnamon raisin toast, sand and we've caught her trying dog food.  She also loves crawling, screeching and chasing Lavender around the house.


Weight:  17 lbs 13.5 oz.
Height:  30.5

Finn loves food of all kind and it loves him back.  He's offically crawling, pulling himself to standing and will run his first marathon this summer.  Apparently he can hold his own at a bar (or so I hear, I was out of town).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Prom Night In Flo-town

Quinn was going for a red carpet glamour look this year.  We found the dress at Camille La Vie in Wilmington.  If you don't like the hair, make-up, dress or earrings keep it to yourself.

Concerning the shoes, see above comment.

The Prom Date!  We contacted Quinn's PR representative for an official comment on the couple.  The pair are 'just friends'.

Quinn's 'A-listers' (her words, not mine)

Everyone met at one of the guy's house before heading to dinner, then prom, then back to the house for the after party.

Yes, I'm living vicariously through my baby sister and in 16 or 17 years, my daughter (though now I feel really old for making that last comment)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quinn's Senior Prom

Here's a sneak peek at Quinn before her DATE (i.e. male in gender, friend only) showed up to take her to prom.

Daddy Day Care

It was Quinn's senior prom this past weekend, which meant a trip to Flo-town to prepare for the grand event.  Dave decided to stay behind and watch the babies (let me repeat that):  DAVE STAYED BEHIND TO WATCH THE BABIES!!!

Of course what does this really mean?  The stars aligned and both babies turned into 'Angel Babies' all weekend long.  On Saturday, they decided to sleep in (first time, mind you) and took  two extended naps.  Oh, and the conspiracy continued with some ridiculously cute behavior this morning, both decided to greet Daddy by standing up in their cribs (another first).

Honestly, I can't complain.  For most of their lives I've been the lucky one to witness new and exciting 'first's' while Daddy is at work.  I think all involved had a wonderful weekend.  Dave was even sweet enough to take pictures of the crib standing.

Here's some of what I missed:

Finn clearly loves the view from here.

Mirabelle will not be overshadowed . . .

Time to baby proof the kitchen . . . 

Mirabelle loves to watch the doggies.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Proofing 2.0

After hours of hard work and days of concentration, it's official--Finn is standing and Mirabelle has perfected the crawl (lightening fast on hands and knees).

While I'm outwardly proud of these milestones, inwardly I'm dreading this new round of baby proofing.  Today's casualties include a pack of wipes, junk mail, miscellaneous plastic tag, bowl of dog food, playground mulch, and a diaper (clean, mind you).

At the end of the day, one can only wonder who needs the most protecting, my stuff or these sweet devils . . . 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

The babies celebrated their first Easter over the weekend.  My family came to town and helped with the festivities.  We spent a few days at the beach and a few nights shucking oysters and cracking crab legs.

As a new mom, here are some things I've learned about Easter:

  1. Apple cider vinegar is not an equal substitute for distilled white vinegar when dying Easter eggs.
  2. Infant Easter shoes are expensive and pointless.
  3. After watching New Moon on dvd, my husband still does not like the Twilight series.
  4. Easter baskets for infants (and adult children) are pointless, but still fun.
  5. TLC's 'What Not To Wear' should do a Spring Break episode at Oak Island, NC.
  6. A sunrise beach service sounds like a good idea the night before but not at 5 AM in the morning (we slept through the alarm).
  7. Gardening is a lot of work (or so I'm told).
  8. Gardening can be dangerous (or so I'm told).
  9. All bald infant girls look silly with head bows (except Lady Belle).
  10. I've got exactly 363 days left to figure out why we dye eggs and invite imaginary bunnies into our homes during Easter.

Here's some highlights from the weekend:

Lady Belle with a bow 'taped' to her head.

All dolled up with no where to go.

Next year they promised to stand and smile on command for Mommy  . . . 

Ghetto Eggs

The whitest family on the beach.

Yup, this sums up our Easter weekend.