Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Morning, Happy Babies!

Our biggest change this week involved moving the babies into the nursery at night. Plus, their bed times are getting earlier. Both babies are usually bathed, fed and in bed by 6:30p (Daddy doesn't get home till 6p so guess whose been rockin' the bedtime routine all on her own).

Night time feedings are still about the same. At least one of them is up around 2a or 3a, then another around 5a. Already we are seeing improvements in their quality of sleep (and ours). They seem to enjoy sleeping in their own cribs (Mirabelle sleep cries sometimes, could it be she misses kicking her brother at night?).

Here's some pictures of the babies this morning when they woke up:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Takes A Village To Cloth One Child

Folks, if it weren't for the generosity of family and friends, Lady Belle and Finntastic would be naked in every baby photo to date (and probably foster cared if we ever developed these hypothetical photos at Wal-mart).

We are currently transitioning from 0-3 month summer wear into 3-6 month fall clothing. This is no easy task with infant twins of separate genders. Right now the nursery is stuffed with diaper boxes full of boy/girl baby clothes from newborn to 24 months.

I've managed to hang and fold the majority of Finn's clothing. Mirabelle, however doesn't have much to hang or fold (is the universe only producing boys right now?). Over the weekend we did some consignment shopping at Once Upon A Child and got her a week's worth of clothing for about $50.

Valuable Mommy Tip: Since babies tend to grown like weeds in the first year a friend suggested I only spend money on baby separates like pants, dresses, shirts, etc. This way if they grow too tall or fat in certain areas I can still get mileage out of some items. It pays to hang out with people who've already done this child rearing thing before.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Beautiful Moment

Took the babies to breakfast on Friday with my morning walking buddies. It's always a production when I walk in somewhere with two car seats, etc. (eventually, I'm going to hire an emcee and spotlight operator to announce our grand entrances).

On this particular day, a woman getting ready to leave offered to help get the babies situated. She admired the twins and asked if it was challenging with two little ones (yes, Stranger Lady, you have no idea).

As she got ready to walk out the door, she touched my shoulder, leaned down and quietly said 'You are only given as much as you can handle'. Then she walked (or rather limped) out the door.

It was then I noticed she was wearing a prosthetic leg. Apparently one of her legs had been amputated from the knee down . . . maybe she does have an idea of life's challenges (yes, Angel Lady, you have a profound idea).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

'You Really Need The BOB!'

Well folks, today was an adventure. Me and my albino kids tried to hang out on the beach with another twin mom. This would be the first attempt at beach bumming without the aid of three grown adults.

We made it to the beach. My babies hung out for a bit, then got really fussy and overheated. Hers slept like angels inside their stroller. My friend had the Cadillac of strollers: The BOB (it can virtually climb mountains).

The BOB is about the price of a Cadillac and requires a special trailer hitch to transport in your car (not really, but it's pretty darn big). It could fit into the back of our car, I'd just have to strap the babies to the roof.

All jesting aside, this stroller is extremely useful and perfect for morning walks (or an ambitious jog), bumpy downtown streets (the wheels have shock absorbers) and of course, the beach. I'm smitten with the beach option.

Yes folks, I have stroller envy! Here's a picture of my friend with her adorable babies and the BOB.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Apparently every few years some new developmental toy becomes the parenting essential, like the play yards, exersaucers, etc. Right now it is the 'Bumbo' (clearly named after Dumbo . . . just not sure why).

These foam seats help babies develop their neck and core muscles to aid in sitting upright. Of course this is possibly the 'mommy-feel-good' explanation for nothing more than a ridiculously overpriced foam nanny (plop a baby in the seat and mommy can do her nails in peace).

We're giving one a test drive at the moment. The twins are too small to spend a great deal of time in the seat. At the moment, they seem to like the view and different perspective (ceiling fans get boring to stare at all day).

If we like this contraption, we just might buy two (going to a twin thrift sale on Friday). Here are the babies testing the Bumbo for the first time:

Lady Belle looks ready for her mani/pedi

Finntastic's just chillin' ready for his 'cold one'

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rollin' With Ma Homies

Finn & Mirabelle started rolling over from tummy to back this week! Finn rolled over Sunday (four times in a row) and Mirabelle twice today. I caught it all on tape (like a good 21st century mommy).

So here's another video, this time edited to 45 seconds for your viewing pleasure (I was told, rather politely by hubby, the last video was too long).

Since I took the trouble to edit this one be sure to turn your volume up and enjoy the soundtrack.

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Dip In The Ocean

Took the clan to the beach on Saturday. This time we let the babies get their feet wet in the ocean. They seemed to enjoy about 30 seconds of it, then feigned boredom (kids these days).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh, The Possibilities!

Halloween is coming in just 41 short days (but who's counting)! Any smart mommy knows to plan early and get costumes before the good ones are all taken.

Current contenders include (but not limited to):

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Photo Bonanza

Here's some photos we've taken over the last few days:

happy babies

album cover for their future rock band



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

11 Weeks Update

We're getting closer to that 'magical' three month mark (please do not disappoint). The days are getting somewhat easier. The babies don't need to eat ALL the time. In fact, they enjoy a good bit of independent play on the floor or play mat.

You can also officially consider me a bad parent. Mirabelle enjoys watching Oprah during her late afternoon feeding and I just can't bring myself to reprimand her (cause Mommy likes Oprah too).

Night sleep is still the same. However, we are noticing a push to start the bedtime routine around 6p instead of 7p. Finn has been sleeping a lot better since we added the dreaded rice cereal to his special baby brew. He also seems able to digest it (a concern for infants younger than 4 months).

I've been taking the twins to the park in the mornings. We go walking with a group of moms I met a few weeks ago. These ladies are awesome. They take turns pushing the 'semi' for an extra workout. Finn usually starts crying halfway through the walk and needs to be held. Today I was smart enough to bring a baby carrier and he continued (happily) in that.

Mirabelle is roughly 12 lbs. (forgot to weigh her tonight . . . daddy's fault . . . he was in charge of bath time so all is forgiven). She likes staring at herself in the mirror and conducted her first Skype session today with her 'Aunt Shannon'.

Finn is roughly 11 lbs. 3 oz. He is the master at tummy time and enjoys pushing himself across the floor with his feet (do the invisible fence collars work on children . . . I have a feeling he might need one soon). He LOVES to talk, and for some strange reason thinks the vowel 'a' sound is hilarious.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Hunt Begins

I'm ready to find a nanny/babysitter to come to the house a few hours a week. Mainly to give me a chance to do get chores done, run errands or help play/hold/feed a baby. I've been putting feelers out among my new mommy friends.

Someone recommended I contact UNCW and ask for their babysitters list. I called, waited, called again, waited again, etc. Finally someone sent the list to me . . . and warned they were in the process of updating the list. Turns out the list is over 3 years old (thank you UNCW for the completely useless excel file).

I'm now roaming Craig's List. I've been emailing what seems to be a promising soul. All that is left is a quick check of references and a short interview. If things work out, I'll have someone a day or two out of the week to help with the babies.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who Wore It Better?

Just a few short months ago going to the salon for a haircut seemed like a chore. Now, post-babies, it becomes the highlight of my week, that-which-I-obsess-for-days-over, even call-my-parents-to-make-a-two-hour-drive-down-to-babysit event.

See certain little chubby (but oh-so-sweet) fingers continue to blindly grab at my tender locks. I finally caved and did what every new mother does: I opted for a short, low maintenance cut (not sure if I got that . . . should find out tomorrow morning).

Needless to say, upon coming home I decided to document my 'new do' via web cam (because ones hair never looks the same after that first day of styling by the professionals). It was then I realized I'd seen this hair style before. Sure enough, I looked strikingly similar to one of last year's American Idol contestants (who just happened to be an overtly gay 18 year-old BOY).

You be the judge:

PS: My husband wanted me to A) post an uglier photo of Danny or B) post a more flattering picture of myself (he must not want the world to think some 18 year old boy looks prettier than his wife). Just for you, sweetheart.

Let Me Get My Tennis Racket

A portion of our backyard is a 'nature preserve' (aka minor flood plain no builder would develop). Dave found some 'visitors' (more like trespassers if you ask me) at the edge of the woods.

For some reason he felt compelled to show them to me, and for some reason I felt compelled to photograph one (yes, there are multiple).

I asked my strong, strapping husband to kill them. To which point he said rather sarcastically 'Sure, let me get my tennis racket'. It's been three days and our 'visitors' are still alive . . .

Best Use Of $30

There's a lot of crap new parents can get sucked into buying: The bouncer is NOT one of them!

As newborns, the twins weren't big enough to really enjoy the seats. Now that they are kicking, reaching and grabbing, it's a perfect place to plop them so Mom and Dad can eat dinner together.

Here's a sleeping Finn (he did this all by himself!!) . . . need we say more.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 Weeks Update

Finn's been uber fussy the past two weeks. He's not happy unless he's being held. Could this be a mild case of colic, reflux, or placental withdrawal (made that one up)?

Mirabelle, on the other hand, is Little Miss Happy-Go-Lucky. She's content to sit and stare, discover her hands, sleep unassisted, etc. Will she think we loved her less because she doesn't get held as often as her brother (trust us Lady Belle, we love you for not ALWAYS crying)?

This week Mirabelle started grasping her play toys, a huge milestone for 2 months. She is quickly out growing her 0 - 3 month clothes. Our little bean pole is ridiculously tall for her age.

Finn rolled over (again) from tummy to back. This time I caught part of it on tape. He's grasping at his play toys too. He's also gaining strong muscle control over his head. This prankster is going to be a handful.

We are getting regular 'happy baby' smiles out of them. I get them in the morning when they first wake up . . . at 5:30a (self preservation technique #26). Daddy gets them when he comes home from work for play time (aka Mommy sanity time).

For the most part, they are a lot of fun!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Heart Nana & Pap Pap!

Dave's parents came to town late last week and it's been wonderful. Finn & Belle are loving the attention. Additionally, it's been wonderful spending time with two 'seasoned' experts at raising twins (for those just tuning in, Dave is an identical twin).

Already, I've learned some valuable tidbits. For example, use the Playtex Drop-in bag/bottle system. Yes, I'm aware this is not the most environmentally friendly solution (to compensate I'm letting the twins sit in their wet diapers longer).

Here's a picture of Nana with a sleeping Finn (such a rare moment, it had to get documented . . . the sleeping Finn portion). Pap Pap is hiding in the background.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Child Labor

Since Finn doesn't want to eat (and he certainly doesn't want to sleep) we've decided to employ him for the evening.

Here's Finn on 'baby watch'. We should probably fire him (he was hitting the bottle before reporting to duty). It's his job to notify us if Mirabelle is crying . . . he gets paid in kisses.

2 Month Check Up

Took the babies for their 2 month check up on Friday (yes Wandering Girl, your answers to my questions were much more insightful than the pediatricians). The babies were poked, prodded and pricked and still they haven't disowned us as parents (yet).

They got their first round of vaccinations. We made a bet on whose cry would be worse. Finn gave a pretty good performance, but in the end Mirabelle won the trophy.

In addition to the immunization shots, Lady Belle had to retake her metabolic blood test. This test required drawing blood from the heel of her foot (it took 10 years and 1000 screaming decibels to get enough blood for the test). We would have given her ice cream afterwards to make it all better but she doesn't know how to use a spoon, so instead we gave her infant Tylenol.

Finnlay weighed 10 lbs. 4 oz and measured 22.5 inches. Mirabelle weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz and measured 23.75 inches (off the chart according to the nurse). Both are healthy, growing at a wonderful pace and the cutest babies seen all week (okay, we made up that last one).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 Months And Counting . . .

Happy two month birthday to my little bambinos. Someone once told me 'the years are short but the days will feel long' (okay, it was the customer service representative for . . . profound wisdom comes from the unlikeliest of sources). Regardless, that 'pearl' is so true! The babies are only 62 days old, but it feels like 62 years have passed since they were born (or maybe I just feel like I've aged 62 years in the last two months).

Mirabelle weighs 11 lbs. 1 oz. and Finn is a respectable 10 lbs. 2 oz. Here's our first attempt at sharing some video of the munchkins. It's our feeble attempt at trying to get the babies to smile for the camera. Enjoy!