Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pin It On Me

The moment Finn & Belle are old enough for us to convert the playroom back to a formal sitting room . . . I plan on buying one of these:

Thanks to Pintrest I now know wine barrel wine racks exist (even if they are ridiculously overpriced).  I'm loving Pintrest and apparently I'm not alone.  This cool site lets me bookmark my favorite web finds and 'pin' them to a group message board.  Like Twitter, people can follow my pins and like Facebook I can share other people's pins with my network of friends.  If I were still in Marketing, I'd already be drafting a proposal to integrate this into my campaigns.

However, now that I'm the proud mother of two year old twins, I find it way more enjoyable getting paid to drink good wine!!  Let's face it, toddler twins and amazing wines have got to be the perfect pairing.

In case you were wondering . . . the wine business is doing amazingly well!  I promoted to a career level position back in October (just 10 months after signing on).  I'll drink to that!!

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