Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry 4ft. Christmas!!

I was terrified of putting up a tree this year.  Who cares the tree was cut from it's roots, stuck in water to prolong it's pending death and then subjected to embarrassing forms of holiday fashion--I was more worried about the wee ones terrorizing it mercilessly (Mommy's collection of Crate & Barrel clearance ornaments are irreplaceable, as in she'd never be able to buy them for that cheap again--EVER!).

My friends suggested putting a baby gate around the tree to deter the twins--too bad I sold it this past fall at the Twin Moms' Thrift Sale.  Actually, I sold it because the little Einsteins' knew how to open it.

Nonetheless, we purchased and decorated our tree last weekend.  Good news:  it's still standing--even after numerous attempts to yank the strands of lights, pull down any ornament within a 4 ft. clearance and rip open two wrapped presents.

The novelty finally wore off a few days ago and these monsters-disguised-as-angels seem uninterested in our twinkling new home accessory . . . for now.

The half decorated tree.

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debbie phillips said...

Our is also decorated from the waist up!