Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Been A Long Time . . .

Since someone said 'I don't know how you do it, with twins'.  Last Friday I tortured at least 15 people, a poor waitress, and myself by taking the twins to a weekly breakfast with friends; an event I normally enjoy while the twins are in school.

Mirabelle threw all three pieces of my bacon on the floor.  Which is a serious misdemeanor in our house (as I love bacon--and at that moment in time, slightly more than my children).  Finn wasn't interested in eating, sitting or (thankfully) bacon.  He was, however, interested in climbing bar stools, running for the nearest exit and exploring any area with an 'employees only' sign attached.

We've finally reached a point where eating out is not nearly as enjoyable as past experiences (crying on the inside).  On the positive side, we can start eating outside again--apparently our little haven of coastal oasis is being spared by the nation's arctic blasts.

For those just checking in, I'm not a big fan of feeding the twins at home 3x a day.  More accurately, I'm not a fan of cleaning up after feeding the twins 3x a day.  However, things are slightly better, thanks to preschool!  Instead of the ritual plate tossing when they're done eating, the twins now simply push their plates back and say some incomprehensible form of 'all done'.

Of course, as I write this, Lady Belle decides to dump her cereal on her tray and toss the bowl to the floor . . .

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