Thursday, April 21, 2011

Picasso Strikes Again!

I was 'one of those' women convinced I'd never let my children color on furniture, write on walls or do anything remotely undignified as crushing crayons into the carpet.  Seriously, all one need do is watch your children and they won't destroy the leather ottoman you got on clearance for a truly 'irreplaceable' price, right?

Then I had twins and those twins became toddlers . . . I promise to never judge another mother (so long as we both shall live).  After an entire day of fighting for the same exact toy, crying because one was staring into the other's personal space, and demanding to be carried from Point A to Point B and then back again, come 5 o'clock Mommy was relieved by the quiet contentment a few crayons and a coloring book could bring.  

Of course, that contentment turned into the unusual sound of scrapping against the wall.  A sound that falls into the 'things that shouldn't make a noise when you're playing' category.  Yup, my little delinquents were coloring on the wall--right beside me.  I've no credible excuse for not catching the vandals before it was too late.

Many heart-felt thanks to Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser (so refreshing when a product actually lives up to its fanciful name).

Well, of course, I took a picture of the bandits caught in the act.  
I'm saving these moments for my 'Your First Real Paycheck 
Should Buy Mommy A Diamond Necklace' scrapbook.


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I am a new follower and I just had to laugh at this post. Story of my life...only my girls were quiet and had dumped an entire bottle of vinegar on the floor - and they've now done that twice. I'm so with ya on the "I will NEVER judge another mama". Having twins changes the game, compltely!! Looking forward to following...our tots are close in age!

Shannon said...


WanderingGirl said...

Aaaaahhh, the Magic Eraser. It's like a miracle. A real miracle.

Zoo Mommy said...

I need to start one of those scrapbooks...