Monday, June 27, 2011


I just found myself researching minivans today . . . for the sole purpose of finding a vehicle large enough to allow me the luxury of sitting as far away as possible from my (ever sweet) Hellcats.

Any suggestions?


Zoo Mommy said...

I LOVE my Toyota Sienna- but unfortunately it doesn't come with a shield of some sort to protect me from the yelling, crying and whining. Lemme know if you find one of those.

Deb Phillips said...

Rather than an new vehicle, why not a new radio? Preferably one with lots more speakers so you can just drown out all of the backseat-drivers' noise. :-)

Zoo Keeper said...

Great suggestion from an experienced mom in my office - try and find one with the "stow and go" option so you have a place to throw all the junk if the need ever arises where you have last minute "company" riding in the van with you. She said it's a life saver!