Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 1: Siesta In A Sienna

I've got a dear friend from Japan bringing her daughters to visit for the weekend.  What better time to rent a minivan and find out once and for all if I can handle minivan ownership?

Yes, I'm aware fish are drying up in blood-red pools of water, children are starving in Africa, and a crippling heat has seized half of my motherland.  In fact, I'm sure this is directly related to the invention of the minivan--but I just can't.  Help.  Myself.

I've had a love/hate relationship with minivans most of my life.  I loved them growing up--so much in fact I resented the owners of our station wagon (sorry Oma-ma and Gah Gah).  In my teens I thought they were ugly.  Then I spent most of my 20s firmly believing if every gas guzzling minivan and SUV owner could simply live with less horsepower, and removable third-row seating, we'd all be a happier, more eco-friendly society.

Now with two dogs, a set of twins, and endless streams of summer guests (which, by the way, is my favorite part of living at the beach) my resolve is cracking.  IF we purchase a minivan, I'm only looking at the Toyota Sienna--solely based on this YouTube commercial.

So here we go, Day 1 of the Siesta In A Sienna!

It fits in the garage!!  Barely.  I am in love with the sliding side doors--a very timely plus since Finn & Belle insist on walking themselves to their car seats.  I no longer have to play the 'which side of the door are you on now' game.  Nor do I have to trap them between the door and the car in public--now I can shove them both into the minivan where they can learn to wait patiently for Mommy to buckle them in.

Ah, space!  No more kicking the driver's seat, and they can barely touch each other--a concern since they recently learned how to annoy the other by simply breathing.  What you can't see is Lavender chilling behind Lady Belle.  Two years of pent up resentment for being relegated to second class citizenship could be washed away with this 'simple' purchase.

Just how much is this space worth!?!  Clearly the real question.  Stay tuned for the rest of the adventure!!

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