Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Teether EVER!

My girl, Sarah, is a speech language pathologist.  When the twins started teething she reached into her 'toolbox' and pulled out some Chewy Tubes (extremely creative name with equally savvy website to match).  These are typically used for her patients, but being a MOT (Mother of Teether) herself, she's found them very useful for teething.

These tubes just happen to be Finn & Belle's all time favorite chew toys.  Since they are designed by speech therapists specifically for oral rehabilitation they fit perfectly into the mouth.  Of course they are non-toxic and made of FDA approved material.  The T-shape ensures the tube won't become a choking hazard and also provides various points of friction to sooth multiple sore gum spots.

I'm proud to report the twins also learned how to make it a whistle (I know, I'm raising geniuses).

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Amanda said...

THAT is an awesome picture