Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Sweetest Thing I Ever Did See

Folks, please take a moment to look at the top of my blog header.  You will notice my Lilypie count-toward-one year caterpillar now says:  'My babies are 1 year old.  Congratulations!'

When the Lilypie ticker was stuck at 1 & 2 months (yes, stuck) I often questioned if it was broken . . . or if possibly I stumbled on some secret formula to make time stand still.  Regardless, I longed, yearned, pleaded, begged and often doubted I'd ever see 1 year, much less that it'd actually feel good.

Well, it's FINALLY here!!!  I am happy to report, all you 'experienced' mothers were right, it feels GREAT!!!  Today we are having a small celebration with our Twin Mom Club playgroup and then getting ready for the big celebration on Saturday.

I want to thank you all, Dear Readers, for supporting and loving us.  Let's all get virtually drunk this evening!  Go buy yourselves a bottle of Mirabelle Champagne.  It's pricey but you deserve it for wasting your precious time following this poorly written, riddled with offensive grammar and utterly pointless blog.



debbie phillips said...

Congratulation! You did it!
-Debbie, Ben, and Nikki

Amanda said...

YAY!! Team Donovan!

Dexter said...

Happy Birthday!