Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finn's First Haircut

I'm a sucker for the shaggy hair look on boys, especially when there is a bit of natural curl.  Unfortunately, Finn's baby hair just wasn't curling the way I expected and his 'shaggy beach bum' look was increasingly becoming a Donald Trump-a-like comb over.

So, we took him to get his very first haircut on Monday, for the most part he was a superstar.  Our original plan included taking him to Ribbet, a salon designed specifically for children; however, it being Labor Day the owners apparently decided to take the day off and spend it at the beach with approximately 25,000 other like-minded locals (Costcos and Learning Express were also closed on Labor Day . . . clearly a very important shopping day for every other city in the US but mine).

Luckily my one true safe haven, the mall, was up and running on Labor Day.  We picked the first available walk-in salon with the most randomly tattooed stylist to do the honors.  Finn got a little spooked at first when we put him in the chair, but he quickly calmed down and was a super champ through most of the experience (we sang a lot of Twinkle, Twinkle and B.I.N.G.O.).

A special thanks to Lady Belle for sitting patiently the entire time and entertaining herself quietly.

A little unsure about what's going on.

Our stylist was actually really good with Finn, 
she was patient and offered him a lot of fun distracting stuff to play with.

Just give her some shoes and socks and she'll be entertained for hours.

The Shagmuffin Before 

And the real big boy afterwards.

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WanderingGirl said...

A) You totally killed his Shaggy look, and now Scooby won't ever recognize him; and B) Are you sure she didn't distract him with her bitchin' chest tattoo?

His new 'do is super cute! What a good boy!!!