Monday, September 13, 2010

Real Men Wear Bows

To most casual observers, Mirabelle's hair probably hasn't grown all that much.  However, as someone who's spent a ridiculous amount of time watching this hair (willing it even, to grow) I'm happy to report it's ready for the first tier of accessories . . . a hair clip (pigtails, while not impossible, would be extremely ambitious).

Operation Pretty Red Bow started at 1100 hours.  First attempt was successful, until target realized assault was in full progress.  Target removed bow at 1101 hours, studied it carefully, tried to place it unsuccessfully back on head.  At 1105 hours, second attempt failed as target had full cognition of operation's intent.  Three additional attempts followed, all resulting in failure.  Finally, at 1120 hours, with a few minor modifications, mission accomplished!

For the record, Finn requested I put the bow in his hair.  In fact, he brought the bow to me the last time Lady Belle discarded it.  Who am I to judge?  I'm just happy I finally got to put a pretty bow in one of my babies' hair!

So . . . . . Daddy wasn't too amused with Finn's new look when he got home.  I repeat, Mommy's just happy she finally got to put a pretty bow in one of her babies' hair!  

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