Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dirty Obsessions

Ever since we returned from our trip to New York, the twins have been obsessed with these miniature airplanes we purchased at the airport.  Obsessed--as in eat, sleep and breathe every moment with their airplanes.

Earlier this week they began sleeping with them (currently not regretting this decision--yet).  Yesterday, we reached another crossroads--should they eat with them?  My instincts screamed 'NO!"  It's hard enough getting the twins to focus on eating, let alone comprehending that sticky fingers only touch napkins (should probably introduce the napkin at some point).

Instantly, my vision became clouded with images of action figures covered in mashed potatoes and barbies smothered in ketchup.  I already hate cleaning up after mealtime.  Barbie would never get a bath, she'd take a trip to the nearest GoodWill where we'd officially become known as Those People who donate insults rather than reusable items.

I held my ground during lunch; however, by dinner my resolve broke.  Have you experienced Finn's 'wounded bird' pout (he's on to me).  Obviously, I accept this bad habit with full responsibility (doesn't mean I have to like it).

This morning, all five of us had a peaceful and loving breakfast together (and yes, I did clean the airplanes afterwards--they were bought at a premium in Concourse D).

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Dexter said...

Perhaps Belle has her future aircraft - Air Force one! President in 2040!