Monday, November 22, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby On The Floor

Aunt G sent an early Christmas surprise this weekend.  Two hand made, from Germany, all natural baby dolls for the twins.  Belle has developed a definite attachment to her belongings.  Of late, she refuses to leave her room without her blanket, tag rag, giraffe binkie, and Violet--her purple talking dog (it takes her about five minutes to make it three feet across her room; she refuses to make more than one trip).  Now she's adding her Baby to the mix.

Finn has yet to throw Baby out of his crib at night while he's depositing his pillow, blanket, Scout, and other plush contraptions--this is a good sign.

I filmed a brief video showing the twins playing with their Babies.  It seems Finn loves his Baby, but still has a strong attachment to throwing objects on the floor--thank goodness there's Sister Belle to save the day . . .


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Deb Phillips said...

My daughter also refuses to make more than one trip carrying all of her items. She has her arms full with her Baby, two fuzzy blankets, and Dottie (her stuffed dog). It's hilarious!