Thursday, November 18, 2010

Note To Self

I've learned a lot these past two weeks.  Here's what I've managed to remember from it all:

  1. One person CAN raise twins all by themselves, but two people make it so much easier (Dave was traveling most of last week for work).
  2. If you keep serving the same thing every night for dinner, eventually your children will break down and eat it (Mommy made too many mashed potatoes, so she turned them into potato pancakes and will continue serving them until they are all gone).
  3. Car accidents make the heart grow fonder (yes, we were in one over the weekend and yes we are all very grateful to be okay-- the car will be in the shop for the rest of the month).
  4. When your child's toe breaks through the sole of his shoe, it's time for a new pair--or your other child starts ripping out the inner soles of her shoes, it's time for a new pair (either way, we had to buy new shoes this weekend for the twins.  Already!?!  I know, right?).
  5. Always remember to ask 'is this covered under our insurance?' (I mistakenly asked for an $800 alternative endometriosis therapy medication that might not be covered under our insurance plan--whoops!  I wonder what sort of return policy there is for a used Mirena . . .).
For now, that is all.  

1 comment:

Zoo Keeper said...

ha! I don't think they take out IUDs and let you return them... just sayin'

Glad to hear you guys are ok after the car accident!!!!!!!!