Thursday, November 4, 2010

Round & Round, Up & Down

The county fair is in town right now.  Yesterday they opened early for 'Preschool Day'.  We met our friend Charlie out with her little Boo.

The fair only opened those rides suitable for preschool kids and at the main stage they had free drinks, snacks, and some guy with a crazy guitar singing children's music.  One can only assume the twins enjoyed their adventure, the majority of the day was spent in blank stare and wonder.

We rode the carousel, a mini train and some fire truck contraption that rotated up and down.  We're definitely doing this again next year, it was well worth the $6!!

1 out of 3 children want their Mommy . . . 

First time on a carousel, they got a little nervous when it actually started
and ended up sharing a saddle.

On the train headed to nowhere.

First in line for the fire truck ride, I assume Finn liked it
 since he spent the majority of our wait trying to unlock the gate.

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