Tuesday, April 7, 2009

26 Weeks Update

My hat's off to all those pregnant woman who found their 2nd trimester wonderful and exhilarating.  While I've been happy, I've also be uncomfortable and tired for a good bit of it.  I can only hope this is due to having twins (or narcolepsy, self diagnosis of course).

I got a call yesterday from my new ob/gyn at the beach.  The nurse wanted to gather some background information on medical histories, etc. before seeing me next week (already impressed with their proactive behavior).  

The nurse also asked about my pregnancy symptoms.  I told her about the shooting pains in my pelvic floor.  She told me to get that checked out before I move.  I then informed her I already told my doctor about it last month and he wasn't concerned.  She still insisted I schedule an appointment sometime this week before I move (let's add one more thing to the list).  So, tomorrow I have an appointment with the same doctor who's already told me the pain is normal and to buy a pregnancy girdle.  

I have a feeling I'm going to get a hyper level of care with this new group.  The nurse at the beach already asked me if I'd seen a fetal medicine specialist (no, I haven't), sounds like I'll be seeing one of those.  

At this point I'm not sure if I should be excited or cautious about the exuberant attention coming from my new doctor's office.  Was I not getting adequate care in Charlotte all these months?  Or is this a sign my beach doctors will try to push unnecessary procedures on me during the course of pregnancy?  Clearly, I'm over thinking the situation (or am I?)

In other news, Dave and I move on Friday.  We accepted an offer on our house last week.  We won't be fully 'under contract' until the home inspection (scheduled for tomorrow).  Movers come on Thursday and Friday.  We'll be in a corporate apartment until the end of June, which should give us enough time to find and buy a new house (assuming I don't go into early labor).

In the meantime, I've got some wonderful distractions scheduled to offset the stress of moving and living in a perpetual state of transit.  One week from tomorrow my best girl from TX is flying to the beach for a visit.  She plans to help me settle into the new apartment and do some fun baby stuff (i.e. shopping).  Dave and I are also looking forward to the couple's baby shower being thrown by the lovely Amanda and Sarah at the end of April.  

That's all for now!

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