Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are We Ready For Babies?

Last Saturday my dear girlfriends, Amanda and Sarah, co-hosted a 'couples' baby shower for Dave and I (great excuse to serve alcohol).  We opted to have the shower in Myrtle Beach mainly because at the time of planning Dave and I had no idea what city we'd be living in.  

I'm amazed we actually had a shower at all.  For a time it seemed invisible forces were conspiring against us.  What with rare spinal cord infections, potential business trips the day of the shower and wild fires garnering national media attention in Myrtle Beach Dave and I were beginning to think we should just hold a Skype party a la Oprah style.

But in the end it all worked out wonderfully.  And, considering not a single person on the guest list actually lived in Myrtle Beach we felt really blessed so many people could attend.  

We ended up with some amazing gift items for the babies!  I must say, receiving two of everything was a mini reality check that we are, in fact, having twins.  The shower was an amazing start for us, we still have a few more items to get (like a house).

Many friends and family who couldn't make the shower asked what we still need.  So I'll share a copy of the list Dave and I created to guide us in these last few weeks of shopping (both registries reflect these needs).  As first time parents, are we on the right track or have we missed something pretty crucial?

changing table, pad and 2 pad covers
2 crib mattresses
2 infant car seats
6 crib sheets
baby girl onesies and 0 - 3 outfits
receiving blankets
bath tub
towels & wash cloths

Again, many thanks to Amanda and Sarah for throwing an amazingly elegant and absolutely fabulous shower.  

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Amanda said...

Baby Trend Double Snap & Go Stroller!!! I was just thinking about this yesterday...a MUST have to tote around those two carseats. (You will want to get out of the house at some point).