Sunday, May 3, 2009

29 Weeks Update

It's official . . . I'm incubating two large bowling balls.  The babies seem more active, though it's quite possible I'm just starting to feel them both as they grow bigger and run out of room in my belly.  

Got my first prenatal massage last week.  If only a 30-hour nap were included in the massage package.  The whole experience was wonderful, unfortunately the aches and pains of twin pregnancy came back a mere day later.

Today, Dave and I went to the pool for the first time.  Everyone's been telling me I'd love the feel of water.  I must say it was nice.  While I still felt pregnant (based on the glowing reviews I wasn't sure what to expect), I did feel an immediate release of weight off my pelvic region.  I could actually lift my leg in front of me without feeling any pain.  Also, I was able to do some great leg stretches.  

Had my routine ob/gyn check-up.  It was okay, my iron is still borderline at 9.9.  The doctor recommended I get some over-the-counter iron supplements.   The babies' heart rates were very strong and my blood pressure was still rock solid.  

I was told, again, that I need to prepare for a c-section delivery.  This doctor was less gentle in discussing vaginal twin births.  He said it was too risky even if both heads were down during labor.  He even went so far as reminding me I did IVF to have these babies, I should be focusing on delivering them the safest way possible (thanks Captain Obvious, I completely forgot the uber uncomfortable and expensive IVF procedure completed last October).  Unfortunately, there is a UK study floating out there which claims c-sections are safer than vaginal delivery for twin births (I'll post more on that topic later).

I'm officially in the third trimester!  Based on my pregnancy book readings, my goal is to make it at least to 34 weeks.  Apparently most of the major development is completed by week 34 and the babies should be okay if they planned their 'coming out' party that week.  Obviously we want 37 weeks (full-term for twins) but I'll settle for 34 weeks if need be.


Amanda said...

"Don't forget, you want to keep your babies SAFE." - I vote for this as the all time dumbest comment ever.

Amanda said...

I have been MAD about this since last night when I read your post.

I'm so mad that they are playing mind games with you by bringing up IVF and the years, money, stress, worry it took you to get to this point with two beautiful, HEALTHY AND STRONG BABIES. (sarcasm coming)THANKS FOR REMINDING ME THAT I WANT MY BABIES TO BE SAFE!! GRRRR!!!!

Whatever your decision (We're all behind you 100%)...

DO NOT make a decision out of fear, make it from evidence-based information and from your MOM-INSTINCTS.

DO NOT think that wanting or trying for a natural vaginal birth is dangerous or reckless. It will take longer than a CS. It can't be scheduled. It may hold up a doctor's golf game, but your babies are STRONG. THEY ARE SEARSDONOVANS and THEY KNOW HOW TO BE BORN. Trust them and yourself.

I know if the first one out is breech, this is a moot point, but still...your brain controls your body and your body houses your babies, so keep your brain relaxed and open to what you want.