Friday, May 15, 2009

Penniless But Not Homeless

We are official homeowners again . . . though we might have to use some of Dave's old t-shirts as diapers for a while.  There is also the possibilities the babies will in fact sleep in dresser drawers (we have cribs but no mattresses) and at this point we should be able to take at least one baby home from the hospital (someone actually bought us a car seat!)

The closing went smoothly, however everything leading up to closing was a nightmare.  We opted for the 'world's fastest closing' which would have been fine if our loan processor hadn't mysteriously left the company four days before closing without processing a single portion of our loan.  A huge 'Thank You' to Peter-the-miracle-maker Miller for stepping in at the last minute and getting our mortgage documents ready in time for closing.  

Oh, another painful lesson learned.  Don't expect wire transfers to happen same day.  It baffles me these things take longer today than they did 100 years ago using Western Union.

On the plus side, we have a house!  Last night we took the dogs over to the new place to let them get familiar with the setting.  They seemed impressed.  Lavender learned how to let herself out the back porch and some how learned how to get back inside . . . not sure if we want her doing this regularly.  Bailey was simply Bailey and wondered the house, possibly looking for secret places to pee when we're not looking. 

Our neighbors seem interesting.  One of the houses across the street appears to be operating a local sports bar from inside their garage.  Basically its a handful of guys who sit on bar stools and watch a flat screen TV mounted on one of the garage walls (sorry Dave, our garage is for our cars).  

The next door neighbor has a two small children, one boy and one girl.  He likes to lift weights in his driveway.  Not completely sure why, I haven't found any neighborly audiences actively watching this monumental show of beer gut and masculinity (maybe he's hoping for an invitation to the neighborhood sports bar?).  

All in all, the houses are nice, the yards are maintained and we have a neighborhood pool, plus a pond with real life Lilly pads in full bloom.  

We're excited to move in next weekend.  We picked out paint samples last night for the living room/kitchen area, master bedroom and bathroom.  Today I'm focusing on colors and decorating ideas for the nursery.  

I'll try and do some 'before' and 'after' photos of everything!


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Gotta love "figuring out" the new neigborhood! We dont' have a social one... I didn't meet my neighbors across the street until the end of last summer. This August we'll have been here FIVE years... (this would be the guy that ended up with the smallest lot so he only has a small front yard... he mows it with a RIDING LAWN MOWER!!! why??)