Tuesday, May 12, 2009

30 Weeks Update

Last week I failed the 3-hour glucose test which means I officially have gestational diabetes.  I've been referred to an endocrinologist for monitoring.  

Yesterday I met with the nutritionist.  She gave me a packet of information on GD (most of which I already found on the Internet) and a booklet on what types of foods to eat and how often.  She reassured me there are minimal risks to the babies as long as I keep my glucose levels low, this was additionally confirmed by the Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist I visited on Friday.  

I have to use an electronic meter to check my glucose levels 4 times a day (yes, finger pricking is involved).  The goal is to keep my glucose levels below 120.  If it consistently stays below 120 than I won't need insulin injections.  So far my levels are around 110 which is good.  On Thursday the endocrinologist will review my levels and decide on further treatment (I don't anticipate any additional treatment).  

As I mentioned earlier, I had my two week check-up on Friday with the high risk pregnancy specialist (aka Dr. Chicken Little).  Surprisingly, this was a good visit.  Dr. Chicken Little was on vacation, I was able to meet with a much more down to Earth doctor from Raleigh.  He told me not to worry about the gestational diabetes, the amniotic sacs were not growing in either babies but holding steady.  Nugget had a level of 6 (considered normal) and Wizard had a level of 9 (on the high end).  Both levels were unchanged from two weeks ago which was positive. 

Another hormone level test was done to check for preterm labor.  It came back negative so things look good for the next two weeks.  My cervical lining is still good, on the low end but unchanged from two weeks ago.  Both babies' heart rates were good and everything looks normal.

In non-baby related news, we close on our new house this Thursday.  We are trying to get the house painted over the weekend so it can air out before the movers come next week with the furniture.  

Pregnant women not being allowed to paint or smell paint fumes (darn it!), the majority of this task falls on Dave's shoulders.  We're having a paint party this Saturday and Sunday--anyone who wants to come and help, please, please, please let us know (Dave's in charge of the beer).  At this point, we really would appreciate the help, so check your calenders!


Zoo Keeper said...

You might want to wait for the beer until AFTER all the painting is done...

You never know what it might turn out like if every one is drinking AND painting!

Amanda said...

Great news.

That high risk hormone test is growing on me. I kinda like the *no-worries-for-two-more-weeks* thing. :)

Also pretty cool that you will know your glucose levels at any given moment during the day.

Glad you had a nice visit with Dr.DowntoEarth.

GreatGreatNews. :)