Thursday, May 28, 2009

33 Weeks Update

I met with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist this past Friday.  They did a growth scan on both babies.  Wiz weighs roughly 3 lbs. 12 oz. and Nug is power-housing it around 4 lbs.  These weights are good and in the normal range for twin pregnancies at 32 weeks gestation.

Both babies have turned, they were breech for a few weeks.  Wiz is sitting right on my cervix, clearly wanting to be first in line at the 'Big Reveal' (garnering the follow sassy response from my Grandma: 'well, isn't he being the gentleman!').  Nug is laying sideways with her head tilted slightly downwards.  For weeks we've been patting these bulges at the top of my belly assuming they were heads . . . turns out Dave was kissing and talking to their little bottoms.

Basically, both babies are overlapping each other in my belly making it extremely difficult to view individually during an ultra sound.  The technician tried her best to get measurements but wasn't confident on the accuracy (I'm assured it is completely safe and healthy for the babies to sit like this in my belly).

Apparently all my efforts to eat right and monitor my glucose levels have paid off!  Wiz's amniotic sac is now down to 6 (it was 9 two weeks ago) and neither baby is showing signs of fatty weight gain associated with gestational diabetes (Sweetheart, if you're reading this, I want a huge chocolate milkshake, chocolate chip cookies and a big hot fudge sundae once these babies are born!).

Yesterday I had my 33 week check-up with the ob/gyn.  Their heartbeats are still good.  My weight has not changed in the last 5 or 6 weeks.  I've gained about 30 lbs. this entire pregnancy.  I'm assured this plateau is okay, despite the fact every pregnancy book states a weight gain of one pound per week during the third trimester is normal and expected.

I meet with the Endocrinologist today.  My glucose levels were pretty erratic these past two weeks.  I blew the 120 goal a few times.  However, I'm not worried since both babies are healthy and I haven't gained or lost any weight.  

For the record, it's hard to find a good convenient low-carb meal when you're spending every afternoon and evening painting, prepping and moving into a new house.  I must recommend the new grilled chicken meals at KFC and the grilled chicken salad at McDonald's, both of which kept me under the 120 mark.  Oh!  and Amanda made us a fantastic spaghetti casserole that fed us during the entire move (she should be cloned and shipped to every pregnant woman in America).

That's all for now!


Zoo Keeper said...

Oooh! I just tried the grilled KFC too!! it was pretty good! (for fast food...)

Can't wait to see you soon!

Amanda said...

I totally forgot about the casserole. Few carbs for ya! :)

You're kickin twinpregnancy ASS. Hang in there!!!