Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Whispering

'Aunt Shannon' gave me this book when I got pregnant. I, of course, waited until the babies were born to finally read the book (nothing like a crying baby to motivate things).

What we've learned so far (I'm only on page 79) is how to understand our babies' body language and various cries. Dave and I think we've been mistaking Mirabelle's movements for being excessively hungry.

If this book is correct, it turns out she's either very gassy or tired and needs help falling to sleep. Shaking her head from side to side with her mouth open is a sign she's tired. This is strikingly similar to moving her head to the side and then up with her mouth open as if reaching for a bottle or boob (I know, rookie mistakes).

So, today we've been practicing soothing her to sleep when she seems 'tired' instead of 'hungry'. It must be working, I actually have a quiet moment to write this post. We'll see if this actually continues to work.


Zoo Keeper said...

And again I make the comparison - babies are like dogs. If only they'd just TELL YOU what they wanted we'd all be better off! : )

But hey - I can definitely see why you'd get M's movements confused!!!

Shannon said...

OK - I'm late getting update with all the travels but - man, what a nice friend to give you these great books filled with wonderful parenting advice that never seemed to help the original owner!