Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthing: A Disney Experience

Apparently the hospital has perfected the new father experience so well Dave felt like he was on some amusement park ride. Obviously he got the better end of the deal that day (I was drugged, suffered post-op fits of vomiting, only allowed a liquid diet all day . . . but enough about me).

So after the babies were extracted Dave was whisked away to various stations around the room. Along the way, a nurse would take the camera, position Dave and photograph the current event. In this particular photo the nurses handed Dave one baby then the other, then said 'smile real big!'.

Frankly, we didn't think we'd want to document the delivery of our babies but my doula (that would be the amazing Amanda) told us some of her favorite photos were the gory birthing photos of her child. She also reminded us we could delete the photos afterwards if we didn't like them.

Turns out she was right. We love these photos. I was too drugged to remember much and obviously unable to follow the babies. All in all, it was great to see what Dave experienced and have visual reminders of the day.

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Amanda said...

How awesome to have such a wonderful partner/husband to look after babies on their Disney tour of New Hanover Regional. You're a lucky gal!

(ha ha...the "verification word" I have to type to post this comment is *dulas*. Funny!)