Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feed Me, Seymour! Feed Me!

Originally I thought the hardest challenge with twins would be picking out their daily outfits (I kid . . . okay, maybe not). Truly the toughest obstacle these past two and half weeks has been how, when and what to feed these greedy little munchkins.

How to feed?
Do they feed using a bottle or do I only breastfeed them? The issue here is 'nipple confusion' some babies can't switch back and forth between a bottle and the real deal. Fortunately, my babies could care less how they get fed, just as long as they get fed.

I'm nearly convinced twin babies would starve to death if they were not given some bottle feedings. In my limited experience (of almost three weeks), it is clear that pure breastfeeding requires a woman made of supernatural talents and deep inner convictions.

Imagine the twin feeding scenario:
9am: Feed Baby A
10am: Finish feeding Baby A (my newborns are taking an hour to feed)
10:30am: Baby A finally falls to sleep in the crib, swing, etc.
11am: Feed Baby B
Noon: Finish feeding Baby B
Noon-thirty: Baby B finally falls to sleep
1pm: It's been 3 hours since you last feed Baby A. Baby A is starting to wake up . . . time to start the feeding process all over again.

At least with a bottle, the babies can feed a little faster and other people (i.e. my mom and husband) can lend a much needed helping hand.

When to feed?
Do they get fed at the same time or do I stagger each baby? My fellow twin mothers all recommend to feed them at the same time. We've been trying to do that. So far things are working out nicely, of course I've got my mother here helping with feedings. Eventually I'll have to figure out how to get both fed on my own at the same time.

Of course, here's what I find after taking a shower today (show off).

What to feed?
Breast milk or formula? I understand the importance of breast milk from a health stand point. But the convenience of formula is like a sweet, sweet drug that's always in supply, readily available to supplement my erratic milk production.

However, have any of you priced a can of formula? I now understand why this stuff is put under lock and key at some stores (the s%#t's expensive). Momma's milk is free and you don't need to add water.

So there you have it folks. My life revolves around poop and milk . . . milk and poop.


Zoo Keeper said...

funny - I'm starting to see that raising kids and dogs have some striking similarities... (ok - dogs and newborns...)

All we talk about at home are dog bodily functions and who gets what meds, when - the dogs, not us. (they're getting old)

And I'm pretty sure that the dogs are WAY more expensive than kids - at least this month... Many trips to the vet and no doggie insurance!!

Amanda said...

a beautiful thing!!

MadHatter said...

Never had twins, but did nurse 3 babies seperately. You are awesome for doing what is best for your babies and remember sometimes mama staying sane is what is best. Sending you a link to a pic of a momma tandem feeding twins (she was not able to accomplish this solo until 5 weeks) http://www.welcometomybrain.net/2009/07/magical-milk-pic-o-week_14.html