Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Introducing Finnlay 'Finn' & Mirabelle

WARNING!!! The content and views expressed in this post are extremely bias and lack any rationale objectivity (in other words, cut this new mommy some slack, she's just way too infatuated with her own babies).

Why this photo is just so freakin' cute: my twins are holding each other's hand!! Which further solidifies our original conclusion, the babies are already aware they have insane parents and made some secret pact to stick it out together (smart little tykes).

Dave took this photo once we all got to our room. The babies were only a few hours old and already Dave was in love (in his defense, he's been in love with them since the embryo stage). I, on the other hand, just stared blankly at them and wondered who their parent's were. They looked cute enough, but neither one of them looked like me or Dave (started having lingering doubts about embryo switching at the fertility clinic). Regardless, it's too late now. I've fallen fully in love with these critters and refuse to give them back to their rightful owners.


Amanda said...




Can't wait to squeeze those cheeks!!


Anonymous said...

Hee. *You* are adorable, and so are your "critters." :)

~ Sugarsnaps

Zoo Keeper said...

LOVE THEM!!! Congratulations!!!

Oh, and you might want to update your profile... I believe this qualifies at officially "starting" your family!! ; )

WanderingGirl said...

I'd keep them too. I love the hand-holding, and just look at those lips! Too sweet! Congratulations... and you know, when you're up at all hours of the night, feel free to keep us updated. I texted Julie today to make sure everything was okay and admitted to being a stalker. So there, I'm out in the open.