Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Babies' First Christmas . . .

. . . and frankly, they could care less.

Dave's sister and her family drove the entire Eastern seaboard to spend Christmas with us. I crafted a complicated menu (none of which I knew how to cook. Has anyone ever made a roux? I couldn't even pronounce it properly . . . much less perform it.). Luckily Dave's sister stepped in and saved Christmas by cooking everything to perfection.

And because one set of infant twins did not provide enough chaos, we invited Max & Ollie to join the festivities. The house is still standing and we're pretty sure the neighbors all think we're lushes (our recycle bin was 95% beer, wine and champagne bottles).

Here's some pictures from the big, beautiful day:

Apparently these don't come with gift receipts . . .

How To Enjoy Christmas Dinner:
Step 1: Insert 'educational' DVD
Step 2: Press Play
Step 3: Silently walk away

It's a BB gun, Folks!
Plan to start practicing my best Clint Eastwood 'Get off my land'

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