Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just In Case

I've been on the fence about babies with Santa photos. Why start a tradition of bad paid for photos with some old stranger? It seems just a tad odd to me.

Plus, I'm not 100% certain how much Santa lying I plan to allow (fear not dear Reader, if my lovely kids are actually reading this some day than 1) thank you sweet peas for caring about Mommy's babble and 2) if you are reading this than you are old enough to know the truth about Santa . . . if not, than there's no time like the present).

Alas, we decided to give it a shot. Better to capture the memory and not want it than to want it later and not have it. Without further ado here is the season premiere of the twins with Santa!

1 comment:

Zoo Keeper said...

Great looking kids! and not a bad looking santa! you know - sometimes they get a really skinny guy or something... ; )