Monday, December 14, 2009

DecK The Front Porch With Boughs Of . . .

Glitter . . . lots and lots of glitter?

Today the babies helped me decorate the front of the house (helping is defined as not crying). We got a good bit accomplished, lights on the bushes and larger-than-life ornaments hung with care.

My 'first-born baby' (sweet, sweet Lavender) was not so helpful. Ancient swamp spirits from the wetlands behind our house softly called her name. I let her roam the front yard (my mistake). Instead, she bolted for the woods behind our property. Thirty minutes later she nonchalantly showed up at the front door . . . completely wet and covered in mud.

I opted not to photographer her (one wouldn't want to encourage this behavior).


Zoo Keeper said...

I have to ask... what is that contraption you have the kids in??? Is it fully enclosed like it looks??

emily said...

it's a stylish baby jail often marketed as a play yard or potable crib.