Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Correspondences Via Text Messages

Yesterday Lily convinced me to join her at the gym for Body Pump (you see where this is going).

sent 7:20a by Emily
'Can't move. Come over and take care of my kids.'

sent 7:21a by Lily
'Sure, be over in 5 minutes . . .'

(Note to Reader: I was not foolish enough to fall for this blatant lie)

sent 7:26a by Emily
'Does Angelina Jolie ever get to sleep in?'

sent by Lily
'No. She wakes up early and lets the nannies sleep in . . . '

Here's a few things I've come to learn:

  1. You don't need Body Pump when you've got two 14 lb. weights to cart around town.
  2. Never trust someone named Lily if they tell you the gym will be 'fun'.

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