Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Storllergate 2010

Because money must grow on trees we felt it necessary to purchase two new strollers in one week.  First stroller was the Maclaren Twin Triumph, an amazing umbrella-style double stroller for everyday use.  The second stroller was a Maclaren Twin Triumph to replace the first one--whose fate is unknown (either lost or stolen).

Things we've learned from this incident:

  1. Start putting name and number on all baby equipment.
  2. Most credit cards will reimburse you for items damaged/stolen within 90 days of their purchase (Thank you, Visa!).

Here's a picture of Granddad pushing the babies in stroller 2.0.  The Maclaren is totally worth the money--the first time, second time is debatable (we're still a little bitter about the whole situation).