Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blame It On The Olympics . . .

As a reason for my pitiful lack of posts these past few weeks.  Or, perhaps, it's because I now have curious and mobile infants who require complete vigilance during waking hours.  Who knows, the Olympic excuse sounds more worldly.

Regardless, things here are wonderfully chaotic.  Finn has decided Mirabelle is the funniest thing he's ever seen; Mirabelle is equally tickled by Finn.  They enjoy racing towards toys with some good natured stealing and snatching (gotta toughin' the youngin's . . . builds character).

Lady Belle would like everyone to know she DOES NOT like Finn kicking her head (a valid complaint).  Finn thinks Mirabelle is a sissy (technically speaking, he's right).

Recently we introduced Belle to Gerber's spaghetti with meat sauce (loved it).  Finn wasn't feeling it so much, but he was recovering from that ear infection.

We also made our first homemade puree of peas and carrots (fine, our second puree).  The first puree was a failed attempt at avocado and tofu.  My only defense being the classic mistake of over thinking.  I believe Lily's exact comment was 'Avocado and tofu are wonderful individually, but I don't think they would taste very good together'.  She was right, two notoriously bland foods do not magically make a tasty treat.

And of course, we had our first big snow at the beach a few weeks ago.  We made a snownanny for the babies.  My folks were here to enjoy the festivities.

Family photo with our newest member 

Getting ready for Snowfest 2010

The backyard

Oh, and it's that time of year again:  Quinn's Senior Prom!!!  We went dress shopping and found 'The One'.  The inspiration this year is red carpet glam.

I'm also about to take my first overnight trip without the babies.  I'm co-hosting a baby shower in Myrtle Beach.  We rented a small oceanfront condo in the hopes that after the shower, some of us new mothers might actually get a good full nights sleep (this is what it's come to . . . a good night sleep is more exciting than a night out drinking and dancing?).

Don't worry folks, the babies will be left in the capable hands of Dave . . . my parents . . . and little sister (because it takes 3 and a half adults to master what I do alone . .  kidding, kind of).


Zoo Keeper said...

I gotta ask - are those boobies on your snow-woman???

And OF COURSE it takes 3.5 adults to do what you do! That's the mere essense of motherhood!! (and notice that I haven't joined that elite group.. I'm sure I don't have the energy or the mental fortitude.)

Lily said...

haha yes i agree. it really does take 3.5 adults to do what we do.

WanderingGirl said...

L.O.V.E. the nanny. Pink puffy heart love.