Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up Chuck & Dookie Bottom

It's official, we've been inducted into the next stage of parenthood . . . the 24 hr. stomach virus.  Of course for us, it's been the 96 hr. stomach virus/ear infection bonanza.

Lady Belle had a not-so-ladylike experience on Friday, followed by Finn on Sunday night.  By Monday afternoon we were at the doctor's office with a feverish Finn and a grease lightening Belle.  Finn won the 'competition' with a nasty left ear infection.

Today we washed everything that didn't require batteries.  Belle had 4 costume changes, 3 naps and one bath.  Finn also had 4 costume changes, 5 naps, an impromptu morning bath and mid-afternoon sponge bath.

We're exhausted and ready for spring--yet somehow we managed to do a mini photo session.


Steph said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! Miss you!

Zoo Keeper said...

But the pictures don't show any hint of sickness! They are so darn adorable!!!

I love that Finns hair behaves like a little man from the 1950's and Belle has a little spikey thing going on . Just love it!

Amanda said...

I would kiss and squeeze the HECK outta those dookie bottoms and upchuck cheeks!!!!

garrett said...

Those are some darn cute kids!!