Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't Be Hatin'

Note:  So if you've been following this blog you noticed it's had a small 'identity crisis' recently.  We'll try and stick with this new template for a while.  

For those interested, we ran a poll a few weeks ago asking everyone which baby would utter the English language first and what that word would be.  All the haters out there voted for Mirabelle saying 'Dada' (technically, that's not a real word, and did everyone forget who writes this blog?).

Anyway, here's a brief video of Lady Belle 'talking'.  Enjoy!



Lily said...

hahaha this was so cute! "blah blah blah Da Da Da" i think she was saying a little of both!

Zoo Keeper said...

Well the ladies in my office took a vote (I had them all watch it!) we all agree that when she's on the floor it does sound a good bit like "dada" - but let's be real - all it takes to product that sound is pushing out air and moving your jaw up an down....

However we all also agree that you did, indeed, teach her to say "blah, blah" by the end of the video. brilliant!!!

Amanda said...