Monday, July 12, 2010

12 Month Update

Finn & Belle are officially toddlers!  Last week they had their 12 month check up, sadly there were no parental door prizes for making it this far (a glass of champagne would have been touching).

Regardless, the babies handled their shots like champs.  Mirabelle didn't cry once during the lead test, which required a prick of the foot to collect a blood sample.  She did cry during her shots but stopped as soon as they were over (because she's a Lady).

We opted for the 'divide and conquer' technique during shot time.  I took Mirabelle for a stroll around the doctor's office while Dave helped Finn get his shots.  We thought it would be less traumatic if neither baby witnessed the other in a full on freak out.  It worked well for Lady Belle . . . from what I heard, not so well for Finn.

Finn was a little more upset with the entire experience; but then it's possible Daddy's brand of comfort might feel a little like drawing the short straw (kidding . . . maybe).  Honestly, it was nap time by this point so offering needles instead of story time was a bit inhumane on our part.  We promised everyone (still awake) ice cream after the ordeal (FYI:  Do NOT get Bruster's cherry sherbet, super sweet with no tart).

Mirabelle weighs 19 lbs. 15 oz and stands at 30.75 inches (without heels).  She loves to play catch-the-ball and climb into anything remotely looking like a wagon (learning to climb out is optional).  Her favorite toy is a talking cell phone.  For Lady Belle, sharing is highly over rated.

She's standing, cruising and ready for her first steps.  At mealtime her preferred utensils include the thumb and index finger, though she enjoys holding spoons and forks.  She will eat most her food from a plate before dumping the remainder on the floor (her attempt at 'sharing' with the dogs).

Finn weighs 19 lbs. 7.5 oz and stands tall at 30 inches.  He enjoys walking (we enjoy watching him stagger like a drunken old man).  He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and any toy that will talk at him.  He loves to explore and tear things apart.  He equally loves finding creative new uses for existing toys that often result in making his sister cry.

Finn loves cake, fistfuls and fistfuls of cake.  He's handy with a juice box and won't turn down a tasty applesauce at the end of any meal.  He's a good hugger and enjoys cuddle time when no one's looking.

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Zoo Keeper said...

That picture of Finn is TOO FUNNY! Love it!!