Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Then & Now

I'm sure at some point it will become awkward insisting on a twins-in-nothing-but-diapers photo on their actual birthday.  However until that day comes, please enjoy!

July 1, 2009

July 1, 2010

Full disclosure:  We cheated and gave the babies cake on their actual birthday and again for the big party the following weekend.  It was a dress rehearsal in our minds.  We were already planning on overloading their senses with an explosion of decorations and crazy people all up in their grills for the big party, we felt the introduction of cake might be a little too overwhelming.  

So, on the actual birthday I jumped out of bed (a running at the first call . . . not the usual seventh or eight) and rescued my sweet muffins from their nightly prisons.  We ate breakfast and then I did something I rarely do these days, turned on the TV and let them watch a cartoon.  

After breakfast we played for a bit and then read a special book during story time:  Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss.  Surprisingly enough, they actually endured the entire 64 pages.  Meaning, they crawled around the nursery while I read the book (mostly to myself and a few random inanimate objects).

Later that morning we had all our friends from the twin mom playgroup over for a mini party.  After that I personally gave the babies a very special gift for their 1st birthday . . . access to the kitchen (granted they were a week away from learning how to climb the makeshift barriers into the kitchen).

To top off an already perfect day we let the babies eat pizza for their birthday dinner, second to cheese, pizza is their current favorite food.  Dave came home early and then we gave the babies their first birthday cakes.  

Since the babies have yet to formulate sentences we're not sure if they enjoyed their first birthday experience.  Regardless, Dave and I had a wonderful time celebrating Lady Belle and Finntastic's big day.

Here's some highlights:

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