Wednesday, March 11, 2009

22 Weeks Update

I love seeing my two little chickadees move further down the pregnancy calender!  I'm not so sure I love the ever increasing belly that comes with each week.  Right now I'm still a manageable size but when I see pictures of other pregnant women at 22 weeks I realize just how much bigger I already am.

Sleeping is hard right now (I know, get use to it).  My hips give me problems at night and I feel a lot of downward pressure when I get up and walk around.  I'm trying to keep up with my yoga and gym visits but I spent most of last week out of town and this week driving the dogs aimlessly around Charlotte while buyers view our house.  So getting back  into the routine is tough.

I go for my 5 (or is it 6?) month check up tomorrow.  They will do another scan of Nugget's heart since she was so camera shy last time.  This is probably the last visit with my doctor here in Charlotte.  I've already contacted a group in Wilmington and have an appointment set up for mid-April.

Keep your fingers crossed on the sale of our house.  We've had it on the market for about 13 days and we've already had 10 showings.  Our realtor tells us there are two potential buyers at the moment, but as of yet no official offers.  One buyer is coming back for a second look on Friday.

PS:  Dave is secure enough in his manhood to openly admit he's a fan of Kelly Clarkson (we've obviously been watching American Idol this evening).  


Amanda said...

Kelly Clarkson rules!!!!

Also, don't settle!! If not totally comfortable with pregs group in Wilmington, find another one. There has to be more than one, right?

Also, always use lots of exclamation points!!

WanderingGirl said...

Hi there,

Julie's (Suburban Zoo Keeper's, that is) friend WanderingGirl (aka Tiffany) here. I'm a physical therapist and have given this advice to hundreds (literally) of pregnant women. Get your doctor to write a presciption for a pregnancy SI support. (SI stands for sacroiliac, which is the joint where your spine meets your pelvis.) The support helps hold everything together that your hormones are currently allowing to separate. You should feel a big improvement in the downward pressure and hip pain.

Good luck!