Monday, March 9, 2009

Parents In Training (P.I.T.)

As first time parents, it's probably time for Dave and I to get serious and start preparing for the arrival of Wiz and Nug.  Dave's hit the Internet (EBay more specifically) in search of the baby essentials like my favorite childhood book Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy World.  He snagged it for a respectable $45 (some people were paying $150).  

Of course when the book arrived there was a $3.95 sticker on the cover (but really this book is out of print, so we didn't mind the 110% mark up in price).  The one we bought was published the same year Dave was born.  

As for my part in the preparing-for-babies process I've been practicing my bedtime reading skills on our first born children (Lavender and Bailey).  Here's a picture of me in action.  I'm going to make such a good mommy (even if there is a treat hiding in my hand behind the book).


Amanda said... learn quickly grasshopper...treats are a mommy's best friend. :)

Zoo Keeper said...

Ah!!! I know that book now that I see the cover! How did that become out of print??!!!