Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Imaginary Nursery

Good folks of this blog, you know we are trying to sell our house and move to the beach for Dave's job.  The only dilemma being we have no idea where we will live when the babies are born.  So how does one decorate a nursery when one has no idea the zip code of said nursery (obviously with a ton of imagination and some severe hope that our house sells this month)?  

On the positive side, a missing zip code will not stop me from creating the nursery of my dreams.  So, here's the world premiere of my imaginary nursery.  We've picked the cribs and some artwork.  

The artwork was found on sale at Anthropologie earlier this year.  I bought two pieces and two additional pieces were Christmas gifts from friends.  The artwork is by Lorena Siminovich (she does fun children illustrations), she did these four collages specifically for Anthropologie (her website is pretty cool www.lorenasiminovich.com).  

As for the bedding, a wonderful friend of mine from college has agreed to make some custom bedding.  Wizard's bedding is inspired by the Owl artwork and Nugget's by the Peacock.  I must admit I finally started getting excited about this imaginary nursery when my friend said she'd make the quilts (God bless talented quilt-making friends)!  Oh, and a shout out to Teppie for suggesting I do custom bedding (she clearly got tired of my complaints about the lack of cool and creative coordinating boy/girl bedding sets).
(imagine two cribs)

Little Nuggest's quilt will have a replica of the Peacock on it.

Little Wizard will have the Owl on his quilt.


Amanda said...


Actually, more BEAUTIFUL than cute.

Cannot WAIT to see the bedding. :)


Zoo Keeper said...

Love it!!! SO much better than the "cutsie" stuff that's "premade"

Meig said...

Hmmm...does said friend have a friend of a friend price for such quilties? Maybe one day a friend of a friend might need one. ; )

LOVE the artwork! LOVE the quilt ideas! Can't wait to meet Wiz and Nug!!!