Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's You're Birth Plan?

I've been avoiding this question until recently.  My dear friend Amanda sent an amazing book called The Thinking Woman's Guide To A Better Birth.  I'm only on Chapter 2, but the book is really interesting.  I recommend it to all mommies-to-be and future mommies (you know who you are).

I have no idea at the moment what my birth plan will be; but I'm pretty sure the more specific the plan the less likely it will actually happen.  That's why I'm just trying to educate myself on all the terminology and procedures.  

I kind of like my friend in NYC's birth plan.  She's in her third trimester and starting to feel miserable.  A fellow pregnant co-worker asked her 'So, what's your birth plan?' to which point she replied 'Get the f**king baby out!'.   (Can you tell she works in the Bronx?) 

I'm additionally fond of the advice given by my two-time-mommy friend Shannon whose mother was a prenatal nurse for years.  Her mom advised I create a birth plan and then throw it out the window because sometimes you just can't control what your body is going to do.

Either way, I'm doing the necessary research at this point (because personally I feel I'm a THINKING WOMAN).  Also I've got twins and am cognitive of the fact this pregnancy is considered high risk.  The end goal for me is to get these 'f-ing' babies out the healthiest and safest way possible.  Oh! and try not to scar the hubby in the process with spiteful comments and hateful stares.

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