Monday, March 16, 2009

Darling, You Give IVF A Bad Name

I'm talking about you OctoMom!  You've done IVF treatment 7 times and ended up with 14 children.  I've tried my best to ignore your story but as an IVF patient myself I feel obligated to point out how you are an embarrassment to other IVF patients and fertility technology in general.

See, IVF is often the last great hope for those unfortunate people struggling mainly to have just ONE child.  It is not an easy process (just read most of last year's posts), nor is it cheap and it certainly is not something one takes lightly.  But now there is all this negative media attention swirling around one woman who clearly misused her IVF treatment.  

I can't help but feel slightly awkward in public when strangers find out I'm having twins (well aren't you little miss trendy).  Having multiples seems so 5 minutes ago:  John & Kate, Marica Cross, Dennis Quaid, Angelina Jolie, JLo, Julia Roberts, etc.--and now you OctoMom.  I'm stilled thrilled to be incubating little Wiz & Nug and don't regret our decision to do IVF.  However, I do feel an unwanted shadow is being cast over IVF treatment now that there is this media train wreck all over the news.
I did find some solace recently while watching The Daily Show with John Stewart.  Contributor Kristen Schaal said it best when commenting on the flawed logic of the State of California.  Apparently Gays and Lesbians are not considered fit to be parents but an unemployed woman, living at home with her mother, who clearly has an Angelina Jolie fetish, is fit enough to have an entire litter of children.  The photo on the left is OctoMom before her 'alleged' plastic surgery and the right is what she looks like today.  It's amazing she found time and money to have these surgeries in between her 7 IVF treatments and raising her existing 6 children (do I hear a Mother of the Year nomination . . . anyone?).


Amanda said...

This woman (and all fertility docs that facilitated this craziness) MAKES ME SICK.

Zoo Keeper said...

I concur with Amanda!!

And WOW on the "before" plastic surgery pic! (never seen that before!) I have to say that I've been avoiding this "trainwreck" of a story (not going to call it "news") and only have the most basic facts. (although I did watch her dad on Oprah!)