Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finally Putting Pampered Chef Products To Good Use

I cooked a fabulous meal this evening (if I do brag so myself). Since Nana left us (for colder, baby-less weather) our kitchen has been lonely. So tonight I rocked some online recipes and cooked a pretty well balanced meal.

My favorite website is Martha Stewart's 'Everyday Food' section. The recipes are simpler and taste really good.

Tonight's menu:

Chicken stuffed with Feta Cheese (5 ingredients, 25 mins)
Roasted Roma Tomatoes (2 ingredients, 35 mins)
Sauteed Sweet Potatoes (Nana-inspired, which technically means ingredients and cooking method changes every time)
Spinach with Bacon (3 ingredients, 20 mins)
Pumpkin Pie (cheated, store bought)

Dinner tasted so good Dave offered to clean the kitchen for me!


Zoo Keeper said...

ooh. The "I cook, you clean" rule is always on the books in our house. Otherwise I refuse to cook. Which then leads the hubby to order out, which then pisses me off because we have perfectly good groceries at home. The bottom line is the hubby doesn't cook. And if he doesn't want me pissy then he cleans. Really quite simple if you ask me!

Amanda said...

Okay, the stuffed chicken recipe challenge is accepted. Will let you know how it turns out in the Hynes kitchen (aka black hole of mediocrity)