Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picture Perfect

Ever seen those magazine photo shoots of garden parties with 'how-to' tips on throwing your very own? Ever thought to yourself 'who in the world actually throws parties like this?' Well, I know who: my dear, sweet friend Sarah.

Her baby boy just turned 1 years old. She threw an amazing backyard birthday party that put Real Simple and Southern Living to shame. Dave and I packed up the kiddies and headed to the party on Sunday.

Here's some highlights:

Of course she wore heels
(this is the same woman who wore heels at 7 months pregnant and on semi-bed rest . . . and I'm sure who's already specified in her Will which heels she'll want to be buried in)

The birthday boy and happy family

The first birthday cake made to look like an owl.
(no owls were actually harmed in the making of this photograph)

Attempted family photo
(interrupted by the photographer's son)

Finn & Belle enjoying the great outdoors
(from a safe, well padded distance)


Lily said...

she is fabulous!

Zoo Keeper said...

Why am I not surprised?? ; )