Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Very Proud

Our social calendar perked up once we had kids (who knew!?!). We've had back-to-back events over the past few weekends--a birthday party in Myrtle Beach, potluck at our own house and Thanksgiving with my family.

Yet through this bevy of activity, one thing has remained constant: Mirabelle's ability to sleep through it all (a girl after my own heart).

Exhibit A:

Mirabelle sleeping at Cullen's birthday party

Exhibit B:

Mirabelle sleeping (in the middle of a very loud living room) at our pot luck.

Exhibit C:

Mirabelle sleeping while Uncle Charlie watches the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I, myself, have been known to sleep through wedding receptions and rock concerts (it must be genetic).


Lily said...

lucky for you!! M & O were up for 3 days straight (no naps!!) for thanksgiving holiday.

Zoo Keeper said...

I hear ya! I can sleep through a NASCAR race - at the track!! Probably because I've trained myself to sleep through them when they're on tv at home...